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When I was growing up, one of my memories is the country and western music that my father used to listen to. It was Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff, and more. If they were on the Grand Ole Opry, he liked to listen to them. We couldn’t get that program where we lived, but their occassional personal appearances made it possible for us to see them. Well, most of the entertainers that my dad listened to have passed on. There are still a few around, however, and today’s Family First Site visits with one of them.

The site we are visting to day is the Official Website of Little Jimmy Dickens. He is the oldest member of the Grand Ole Opry, and even though he is “retired”, he can usually be seen every weekend hosting one of the shows segments. He is truly a legend in the country music field, having entertained all over the world, from SE Asia to Germany. In fact, he is the first country music entertainer to have completely circled the globe, which he did in 1964. He has been an entertainer for over 60 years. He joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1948, where he became close friends to the legendary Hank Williams (who gave Jimmy his nickname of “Tater”). He has performed on just about every country music television show broadcast at one time or the other.
Little Jimmy Dickens is one of the most recognized entertainers in the music business. There isn’t a day that goes by that one of his songs are played on some radio station somewhere. He is fun to listen to, as my youngest daughter recently found out. Now she doesn’t miss the Grand Ole Opry when he is on it.

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  1. Last news of Little Jimmy he was in the hospital. Have been trying to find out how he is doing. He has been a favorite since I can remember. I’m 74 so its been a while. He and I are both WV Hillbilly’s. Love him and his singing. Hope and pray that he is doing wonderfully. Best whishes…

  2. mr dickens thank you for saying that my song sounds interesting sorry its been so long since i got back to you.i posted on your page a comment.i would like to send you my song LEGENDARY PIECE OF WOOD. THAT I WROTE FOR THE OPRY HOUSE.

  3. mr dicken, MY name is bruce hall,i grew up in a florida,i started playing guitar when i was 4 yrs old.i grew up listening to country music,my parents loved george jones and roy acuff i am a song writer,i have wrote several songs,my most favorite song is about the grand ole opry. its called legendary piece of wood.i was inspired by all of the stars talking about that circle of wood that they stand on every time they sing on that song was wrote to be hopefully heard on the opry someday.i would like to send you my song and let you listen to it.i look forward to hearing from you soon. ty

  4. Dear Mr. Jimmy,
    I have always been a fan of yours. Sometime in 1967 you did a show at the EM club in Di-an, Vietnam. 1st Infantry Division Combat Engineers. We had a new “hooch” just built and you and your troop stayed the night there. I was the operations sergeant of bravo company where you stayed. We had a lot of laughs and you were a welcome entertainer and always one of the best. You and yours were very good for our troops and we thank you so much. Very truly yours, Jim Anderson

  5. Howdy Mr. Jimmy,
    This will jog your memory. About sixty years ago you used to play the Lyric Theater in Boonville, Missouri. There was a little red-headed kid by the name of Michael Breid (Bride) who used to follow you backstage and listen to you sing between shows and said he wanted to sing country music when he grew up. I even came to the Friday night Op’ry one time and you dedicated a song to me. This was back in the early fifties. Well, this little red-headed kid has grown up and has been singing country music for almost sixty-five years. I’m known as Arkansas Red the Ozark Troubadour, and I sing the old songs of Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family, Uncle Dave Macon and the fellow who taught me how to play the old mountain style of frailing the five string banjer Stringbean. I don’t know if you’ll get to read this or not, but I just wanted to let you know that when you said, “You stick with it kid” that I did. Never made the big time, but I sure rubbed shoulders with them. Wishing you all the best and hope that great voice of yours is going for another 92 years. You were my inspiration to stay in this country music business, and I’ll be forever grateful to you.

    Yours truly sometimes always,

    Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour
    Eureka Springs, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

  6. Hi Mr. Dickens, I’ve been a fan of yours for so many years. I love everyone of your songs. My favorite is Country Boy. I also like Take An Old Cold ‘Tater And Wait. How can join your fanclub?

  7. Hi,

    Arthur Lee “Trap” Dickens is my grandfather. I was doing some research and came across your information.

    I am the son of Drema Gale Dickens, Traps daughter.

    I understand you were his first cousin and I was wondering if you had any pictures of him.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Where is Little Jimmy Dickens?? he hasn’t been on the Opry in a while.. Been missing him on Friday and Saturday night.. I hope he is ok

  9. Dear Uncle Jimmy, I hope you are doing well. I was just hanging your picture on our family wall. I am married to Robert, Dewey’s son, Dad lived with us until he passed away. I am so happy that he had a chance to visit you before he became seriously ill. We would enjoy hearing from you.

  10. Jimmy My grandmother was Ida May Dickens-Quesenberry, your aunt.I used to visit you and your family when we were kids. I still talk about your mother’s biscuts and how good they were.If you get this message drop me a line and say hello. I’m in Nashville and saw you at the Opry Sat nite,you’re still going strong.My mothers name was Lector……..Love,cousin Carol

    • Dear Carol, I was reading the posts and thought I would respond. I am married to Robert Quarles and his dad wad Dewey. lease contact us so we can reconnect to family

    • MELINDA QUARLES I just saw your message,was Jimmy your uncle on your mothers side or fathers side.I don’t recall a Quarles.It’s been a long time .

  11. Just thought I’d stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday today. Hope you’re having a good time, Best Wishes, Mr. Dickens.

  12. happy birthday jimmy i hope you are feeling well at 92. do you still have the fringe jacket that hank sr. gave to you. boy you are about the last one left that toured with him now that don helms is gone.i saw you many years ago at a little concert in hagerstown maryland at the wilson rutitan club grounds but you probably dont remember that. do you remember the tour with han sr and bill monroe when they held you up between them and you sang harmony. bye for now and many more birthday wishes to you

    • You might try e-Bay for autographed pictures of Jimmy Dickens,same goes if you are interested in obtaining his records. Best of Luck.

  13. Hellow:Mister Dickens my name is Bruce A.Hall i am a singer /song writer from castalian springs tenn.I wrote a song called the Legendary Piece of Wood.Its about the circle of wood at the Grand ole Opry.I was inspired to write this song after watching the Grand ole Opry on t.v. I would love for you to here my song and get your professional opinion of my song. Thank you for time i really appreciate it.I look forward to hearing back from you.

  14. Dear Jimmy;

    My name is Jason Couch. I live here in the Nashville area. I sing with the male gospel group Ernie Couch & Revival. Next year makes our 20th anniversary as a group in gospel music. You can got to and see we are for real. Since we started we have always put a special guest on each of our CDs singing one song. In the past we have used folks like George Beverly Shea, George Jones, Boots Randolph, Petra, Patti Page, The Supremes, etc. You get the idea. For this 20th anniversary we are releasing a CD called “20 Tour.” On this CD we are doing 20 songs with 20 special guests. We would be honored if you would join us on this CD as one of our special guests. We would keep this low hassle for you. We would send you some standards tracks like hymns and such and then you pick the one you like. You can record at your leisure and then send us the files to put our parts on later, or we can come to you with very little equipment and record you wherever you want, your home or backstage at the Opry. Again what ever is the easiest way for you. It would be an honor to have you. You can reach me back through this message or at Thanks so much and we hope we can work something out. Thanks!
    Jason Couch
    Nashville, TN

  15. Hi I have played with David FRizell, Stonewall Jackson, Jack Greene, Jeanie
    Seeley , Wanda Jackson. Steel and dobro. If you here of someone who could use me please have them contact me @ 612-392-0221
    Thanks. Roger

  16. Dear Mr. Dickins…My Brother has been in the entertainment industry for many years. He starred as Eliah McAdoo, the lead actor, in Kenny Rogers’ production of the “Show Boat” in Branson, Missouri. He, also, starred, as lead actor, in “Ozark Mountain Memories,” and in the out door dramas, “Horn in the West,” and “The Legend of Tom Dooley,” both, here, in North Carolina. You, probably, want see this message, but, in the event that you or your associates may, please know that he is an extremely versatile actor, musician, and singer. He would like to do a character, of his own making, by the name of “Uncle Rickie Joe” for the Grand Ole Opry, bibbed overalls and all! He can play the banjo, as well as anyone, and the Grand Ole Opry needs a character like “Grandpa Jones!” Rick would be outstanding, having perform on stage most of his life. If you, your associates, or anyone from the Grand Ole Opry would be interested in him or an audition by him, please let me know. Thanks so very much for your time and consideration.

    Ron L. Jessup, Atty.
    132 Moore Avenue
    Post Office Box 312
    Mt. Airy, NC 278030
    (336)-786-5200 Office
    (336)-786-1504 Fax

  17. I confused “Little Jimmie Dickens” with “Jumpin Bill Carlile” on my earlier post!
    Sorry, Oldsheimers!
    Dan Royals

  18. OOPS!!!
    I think it was Jumpin Bill Carlyle, not Little Jimmy Dickens that I meant to have referenced in my previous post!
    Sorry, Oldsheimers!
    Dan Royals

  19. Although vague, I recall one of the last shows My ex-wife and I attended toghether where she performed in a show on a July 4th holiday. I think this was in 1967? It was sponsored by a Mr. Pete Apostolo(SP?) He was a promoter of entertainment and wrestling on the East-Coast and arranged this one in Roanoake Virginia at what was then Victory Stadium (since demolished?).

    Appearing with us was our Greenville SC neighbor at the time Mr. Ken Galloway, I think with his sons,(Jimmy & Ken Jr.?). Ken Galloway sang one of his songs “I’ve Got A Bead On You Baby” which had been in the charts, among others, and “Tater”, “Little Jimmy Dickens” performed several of his songs including his “Alligator” song. I believe Clyde Moody (Clyde wrote the “Tennesee Waltz” (as I recall)and and Junior Samples from Hee Haw (“Phone Number: B-R 549 and his Fish Story”) may also have been there.

    My wife at the time performed under the name of Diana Royals (Diana suggested by Roy Acuff, instead of Dianne, for a stage name) and had recorded one song on Cartwheel Records (owned by Mr. Lonnie Pope SP?) out of Gainsville Georgia, “I’m Just A Tear Away From A Good Cry”. Dianne had made a brief appearance on Hee Haw and worked on many of their “Road Shows” with Junior Samples among others too.

    Crash Craddock had recorded his hit song at Cartwheel,(“If Your Chewing Gum Loses It’s Flavor ON The Bedpost Overnight”).

    I recall that we were told the 4th of July show in Roanoake’s promoter “disappeared” with the ticket money and only a few of the participating performers were eventually paid for that show.

    I also recall that everyone stayed in a Motel in Roanoak and remember a humorous event sometime during our stay. we were gathered in one of the rooms with “Little Jimmy Dickens” when we saw several boys pushing a car down a hill exiting the motel. As it turns out, they were attempting to steal the car and “Little Jimmy” threw a bed sheet over himself and ran out of the room shouting something at the boys about him beeing a Grand Kleegle (SP?) with the Klu Klux Klan, making them flee the scene, hence thwarting their atempt to steal someones car.

    I think Little Jimmy lived in Cookville, TN at this time. I hope he is doing well too, I found him to be very funny and personable!

    Mr. Ken Galloway owned a used car lot (I think in Greer, SC) and booked performances at clubs, military bases and automobile dealerships all over the Southeast. One club (May have been in Baltimore MD?) I think was called Hurleys Tavern?

    I would love to know where Mr. Ken Galloway is (if he’s still living) and/or what happened to him or his son’s.

    My ex-wife and I seperated shortly after this performance and I have many good and bad memories from this era of my life.

    Interesting read for me, if anyone remembers anything relating to my account, I’de love to hear from you!
    Dan Royals

  20. The first song and singer that I was able to identify was “Country Boy” by little Jimmy Dickens. This summer I will be 67 years old, and I still love you and your songs.

  21. I haven’t seen Little Jimmy Dicken’s in some time. Is he still performig . I know at one time his health wasn’t good.

  22. Mr Jimmy I don’t know if you remember but about 35 yrs ago you came up here fishing it was Penny and Chuck Dougles my mom and dad Mary any Jay Garner me Cathy my sister Jessie anyways I just wanted to say hi it you every want to come fish in just let me know

  23. I remember the day in the summer of 1972 Little Jimmy Dickens played at the country music park and his son opted not to play with the band, but to hang out with me instead, to sell tickets at the gate. He gave me his driving learning permit. It was in Harrison County, OH outside Cadiz by Tappan Lake.

  24. hopeing jimmy gets this my mother who passed away in 05 used to tell me stories of her father william toy use to play guiter in a band with jimmy dickens in pa. my mother stated jimmy use to put her up on his lap and sing to her i visited the grand ole opery in 2011 hopeing jimmy may have been there i did see his dressing room just wish i could see if jimmy remembered my grandfather and how could i get a personal autograph of jimmy thank you

  25. Does anybody know who to get ahold of to ask Little Jimmy Dickens for an autograph cd? I would like to purchase one but dont know who or how to get ahold of anyone that knows him

    • I know he has a postal box at the Country Music Hall of Fame. You might try contacting him there. Ebay or might also have such autographed cd’s available. Good luck!

  26. My father grew up in Burnsville, WV and ran the local movie theater there back in the 40’s. He always talked about having live entertainment on the weekends and how his very favorite show of all time was “Litte Jimmy Dickens”. I have some of the sale bills that were posted here and yon advertising the upcoming movies and live shows. Is there a chance that you would remember playing there or remember my dad, Lewis Caplinger??? It’s a long shot but I just had to ask…your are an amazing fellow, WV is proud of you…Crista Caplinger Johnson

  27. My grand parents owned the former home of little jimmy in Bridgeport michigan. They found old song lyrics in the addict of the home. Some of which I have. They found them in there when they added a second story to the home.

  28. Being a true fan of TRUE country I have opportunity as a country DJ to play such. I love to interview the greats and would consider it a life time honor to do a short phone interview with the Great Jimmy Dickens! I hope you will consider my humble request to a Hero of country music and a Hero among the greats of classic country!
    Latigo Travis

  29. I remember performing with “Tater” back in 1978, when I was 3. My mother, Marcia Collands, was doing her “Tribute To Dolly Parton” in Virginia, at Earl Dixon’s Hillbilly Heaven. Earl had it set up so that there were 2 shows a day- the bigger star opened for Mom in the afternoon, and Mom opened for the “Headliner” in the nighttime.

    Little Jimmy was there, one time. I thought it funny to see someone close to my height, who wasn’t my age. I used to have 15-minute bits in Mom’s show, singing old Dolly-Porter Wagoner duets & other songs that were big in the day. One time, I heard Jimmy do his jokes during the afternoon show, and I used those same jokes in the night show. When he came out, he did his bits & no one laughed. After about the third joke, he said, “That little stinker told all my jokes, didn’t he? I’ll be back in a bit.” He proceeded to come offstage, find me & tell me what happened. He sternly told me not to do that again, and then started chuckling.

    Take care, “Tater”! Hope to see you again, sometime!

    “Little Archie Wayne”

  30. Jimmy Dickens. Happy Birthday. My birthday is the 21 of Dec also. I hope and Pray I make it to 90, I’m 79 and holding.
    My husband is a steel guitar player and we live in Mi for 6 months and Floida for 6 months. The reason I am writing is I remember going to your dances and I have some pictures of you when you were in Mi many years ago. I would like to give them to you, because I am sure when I’m gone they will be destroyed. I do not have them with me in Florida, so I would not be able to get them to you till after May this year. Thanks Marie Hazen.

    Also do you remember Big Bob Shaffer in Mi?

    • Dear Marie,

      I was reading your entry and was wondering if you would be able to help me. From your entry it looked as if you have seen or known Little Jimmy Dickens. Did you know him in the late 40’s? If so, can you confirm he was living with Johnny Cash in Detroit, Mi. My sisters and I have been told our whole lives that Johnny Cash is our grandfather. We were told my grandmother was involved with Johnny Cash and became pregnant with my dad, while living with Little Jimmy Dickens in Detroit, Mi. in the late 40’s. If there is any information you can give we would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me at

      Thanks so much for your time,
      Joanna, Julie, and Jennifer

    • Johnny Cash, actually J.R. Cash at the time, was a teenager in the 1940s. He probably didn’t have the money to get off his family’s Arkansas farm, let alone make it to Detroit, at age 16-17. He didn’t get started in the music business until 1954, so it is improbable that he knew Little Jimmy Dickens, either.

  31. Jimmy, I have a favor to ask of you….We are having a benefit, country/bluegrass concert and auction for the recent Aumsville Oregon tornado victims. The event sponsored by KCKX Radio 1460 am,’The Little Opry In The Valley, Tornado Relief Benefit’ is Sat Jan 15 at 6:00 pm at the Aumsville Community Center. ALL proceeds benefit the victims who have no insurance or any other compensation. NOONE is being compensated, we are all volunteering. I am seeking autographed donations for the auction. Maybe (a guitar :)), CD & picture? ANY assistance you provide is GREATLY appreciated. Media is covering very well (television & newspapers) but….we NEED donated items for the auction. Any donations you contribute may be sent to me, please email for info at: Thanks Bunches! BobbiLynn Forbus

  32. first of all i would like to say happy belated birthday, i am a big fan and hope you continue to sing and perform for another eighty years, congratulations on all of your success. i wish you, your wife, and your family all the health and happiness in the world. Happy Holidays
    *love Robert*

    • hello, my mother ruby crowder taylor states that she knew little jimmy when he lived in greenville s.c in a trailer park near (calvert st) dont know if thats correct name but she said he would go outside and play his guitar and sing. It was in the 50s. if anyone could help with this info it would really mean alot.She was born in 1937 and married willie mason in 1953.

  33. Happy 90th Birthday, Merry Christmas and all best wishes in the coming year. —
    Gordon Brown, Founder NE Country Music Historical Soc., Watertown, MA

  34. Her You go, Bob Stewart:

    Out Behind The Barn
    by Felice & Boudleaux Bryant
    (late 40âs or early 50âs)
    recorded & performed many times by ãLittle Jimmy Dickensä
    (Member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1948).

    transcribed by Poor Tom – BroedelT@AOL.COM

    G D7
    My Daddy used to tan my hide, Out Behind the Barn
    He taught me to be dignified Out Behind the Barn
    When he took his strap to me
    And turned me down across his knee
    D7 G
    He sure missed up my dignity, Out Behind the Barn

    G D7
    I got my education Out Behind the Barn
    I ain’t a foolin’ no sir-eeee
    Passed each examination Out Behind the Barn
    And it almost made a man out of me

    G D7
    I smoked my first cigarette Out Behind the Barn
    And that’s one day I won’t forget Out Behind the Barn
    I got sick you should have seen
    How that tobacco turned me green
    D7 G
    I almost died of nicotine Out Behind the Barn

    G D7
    I met a pretty girl one day Out Behind the Barn
    She wanted me to stay and play Out Behind the Barn
    She taught me to kiss and pet
    That’s a game I can’t forget
    D7 G
    Cause we still play that same game yet Out Behind the Barn


    G D7
    I’m glad that I can go again Out Behind the Barn
    And do the things that I did then Out Behind the Barn
    Now you might think it ain’t no fun
    To be a poor ole farmers son
    D7 G
    You don’t know what all I’ve done Out Behind the Barn

    G D7
    I got my education Out Behind the Barn
    and it made a better man out of me,
    D7 G
    and it almost made a wreck out of me.

  35. Hi,
    Mr. Dickens. My first exposure to country music was when I watched the Grand Ole Opry on TNN. I saw you come on stage for a number. I said that is for me. The Rhinestone suit, Big Hat and singing good music. When I went to the Opry yesterday you were the host. I never thought I would get to see you performe. I had a ball. I really enjoyed your work. I then went to the bath room and almost cried because I got to see you at the old Ryman. Thanks.

  36. hi
    Just to let you know I will be at your concert in Nashville on November 13, 2010 at the Ryman. I recently received a book of geneology from a distint relative and in that book it talked about when my Mom’s Aunt Betty had one leg and there was a boy in West Virginia that carried her groceries for her. That boy moved away and became a big Country singer named Jimmy Dickens. One day she was returning from the store and a boy picked up her groceries and took them to her house. She offered to pay him and he didn’t accept the money. I guess it was you. Thanks for helping my Great Aunt. My daughter, son and myself will be there to watch you perform.

  37. Jimmy, I spent some time with you backstage at the opry several years back and wanted to contact you again about the penquin I sent to you from Florida because of a joke you told me I was Bob Stampers brother in law . We came with Jumpin Bill. Please contact me when you have time. A big fan, Mel

  38. Many years ago I built you a guitar clock, I seen you in Michigan. I am wondering if you still have it. I am thinking of coming to Nashville so if you could email me and tell me where your museum is I would sure like to see it. I have been a fan of yours for many many years.

  39. To Mr. Howell Medford on April 27, 2008 12:42 AM
    This isn’t too useful, but I worked for Ken Galloway in Nashville – 17th Street right across from RCA. OpenDoor Publishing. Went back several years to write leadsheets for him, then they were gone – this was in the late 70’s.
    Ken told me he had come to Nashville w/ Red Foley but had been in a bad car wreck which ruined his career. He had a permanently injured foot when I knew him. Bobby was recording music for the company – he was newly married at the time.
    I googled him and found his ads in Billboard 1967:
    “Drowning My Sorrow in Wine” Franklin Ivey
    “Why Uncle Sam Called For Me”
    “I’ve Got A Bead On You, Baby”
    “Here We Go Again” by The Five Williamson Bros, Hilbilly Park, North Carolina
    Personal Management
    Ken Galloway
    Acuff-Rose Artist Corp
    2510 Franklin Rd. Nashville, Tenn. (615) 297-5366
    Gold Star Records Rt. 1, Evergreen N.C. 28438
    Good luck in your search.

  40. Here’s a suggestion: For those who want to get records of Little Jimmy Dickens or CD’s of his you might try the eBay site and type in Little Jimmy Dickens in the subject search with either Music or CD’s in the search category. It’s worth a shot. You might find what you seek that way. Good luck and Happy hunting.

  41. To J.Bleick – Check out eBay – they have a 45 rpm record of Bessie the Heifer there. Just use a search on Little Jimmy Dickens records with the catagory being Music on that site. Best of luck.

  42. Who do I contact to book Mr. Dickens for a concert on a Monday night in 2011?
    I work for Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, IN (3 hours from Nashville, TN) and right across the river from Louisville, KY.
    My husband met Jimmy in 2008 at the Family Reunion taping. Scott was a guest of Crash Craddocks. Jimmy may remember him as the only guy there with a flat top hair cut. Scott’s father was from Petersburg, Indiana and he talked to Jimmy about it.
    You may email me with the booking agents information.
    Thanks you.

  43. I was introduced to Little Jimmy Dickens at my fathers funeral in Houston Texas.My father is Roy Wuneburger.
    Was curious how were they aquainted.Were they friends?
    I am collecting history on our family,and any info would be appreciated.

  44. Mr. Dickens,
    I have a very important question. When my grandma was living, she stated that she lived with you and Johnny Cash in Detroit, Michigan in the mid to late 40’s when you were first starting your music careers. Do you recall Doris Morgan from Heiden, Kentucky? Also, do you recall her being pregnant at the time. We have been allegedly told that Johnny Cash is our grandfather. Is there anyway you can support this? My two sisters and I were told this since we were children. My father Jimmey Ray is a spitting image of his alleged father Johnny Ray. We would like to finally resolve this issue. Your help would be truly appreciated.
    Thank you

  45. Hi, E Zilka – Here’s the Lyrics to Bessie the Heifer:
    (Boudleaux Bryant – Jimmy Dickens)
    My daddy gave a calf to me for a Christmas present once
    I picked a little heifer out ’cause both of us were runts
    She never had no sense but she grew up allright somehow
    And when it came to givin’ milk she was an educated cow.
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all cows
    She gave more milk than any law allows
    In the mornin’ she gave pasteurized
    At nite she gave homogenized
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all the cows.
    I took her to the county fair to try to win a prize
    She knew what was goin’ on I saw it in her eyes
    The contest made her nervous she tried so hard to please
    But when I tried to milk her all I got was cottage cheese.
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all cows
    She gave more milk than any law allows
    In the mornin’ she gave pasteurized
    At nite she gave homogenized
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all the cows.
    I planted me a ‘tater patch to earn some extra dough
    To take a short vacation with some city folks I know
    But no one else would milk the cow no matter how I’d nag
    So pa took my vacation leavin’ me to hold the bag.
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all cows
    She gave more milk than any law allows
    In the mornin’ she gave pasteurized
    At nite she gave homogenized
    Bessie the heifer the queen of all the cows…

  46. Hey, Mary Menold – Here is N0 Telephone In Heaven – Carter Family Lyrics – I hope this is what you’re looking for:
    No Telephone In Heaven
    Now I can’t wait on baby the smiling merchant said
    As stooped and softly toyed with his golden curly head
    I want to call up mamma came the answer full and free
    Will you telephone and ask her when she’s coming back to me
    My child the merchant murmured as he stroked the anxious brow
    No telephone connection where your mother lives at now
    No telephone in heaven and a tear sprang in her eyes
    I thought God had everything with him up in the sky
    Tell her that I get so lonesome that I don’t know what to do
    And pappa cries so much I guess he must be lonesome too
    Tell her to come to baby cause at night I get so ‘fraid
    With no one there to kiss me when the lights begin to fade
    All through the day I want her since my dolly’s got so sore
    With the awful punching brother give it with his little sword
    There aint no one to fix it since mamma’s gone away
    And poor little lonesome dolly’s getting thinner every day

  47. Here’s the Lyrics to I love Lucy Brown By Little Jimmy Dickens:
    Little Jimmy Dickens I Love Lucy Brown Lyrics:
    They tell me Homer Jones was huntin’ bears When a
    big ole grizzly killed his favorite hound The
    grapevine says a mob has plans of burning down our
    town But it don’t worry me cause I love Lucy Brown
    I sifted many hearts before I found a perfect
    pearl To hold my hand while travelin’ through this
    world So let the sun come up and shine or let the
    sun go down It don’t worry me cause I love Lucy
    Brown [steel]
    Received a letter from the folks today Locutus eat
    the corn crops to the ground The morning paper
    said that beef went up ten cents a pound But it
    don’t worry me cause I love Lucy Brown I sifted
    many hearts before… It don’t worry me cause I
    love Lucy Brown
    Lyrics: I Love Lucy Brown, Little Jimmy Dickens [end]

  48. My Grandfather,Grat Daniels, who passed away when I was young, used to tell me stories of growing up with Jimmy. Apparently, their families had adjoining farmland in or near Bolt Mountain in WV. I was wondering how to get in touch with Mr. Dickens, e-mail or otherwise, and ask him if he remembers my Grandfather. I did not have a lot of time to get to know him, and it would be nice to hear a story or two about Grat if Mr. Dickens knows of any. Please help.

  49. Jim…..My name is Don Willis. On November 21, 2009, I was inducted into the Kansas Country Music Hall of Fame. You being inducted in 2008, I am right under you. I was a country music DJ at WIBW in Topeka from December 15, 1967 to August 24, 1974. I had met you back in July of 1957 in Kansas City, Kansas at one of Harry “Hap” Peebles shows. I was working at KCKN in Kansas City, Kansas. During that time I played one of your Columbia records “Galvanize Washin’ Tub”. Do you know where I could get a copy of this? Your friend Don Willis

  50. Dear Mr. Dickens,..
    I was reading an article from the Charleston Gazette regarding the WV Music Hall of Fame, it brought to mind that my mother played on Charleston’s WCHS for years with a Cherokee Indian, “Natchy” an early morning program,.. was just wondering if you played WCHS around the 40’s – 50 ?
    It would be so wonderful to learn more about her music..
    God bless,.. Gary

  51. Mr. Dickens, I met you many years ago (70’s) while i worked at Emmons Guitar Co. Ron sr. was there then and i played drums in Fred Trogden’s band on week-ends. Even then what a joy to meet you and your band that day. I remember we worked on your steel player’s guitar and we thoroughly enjoyed your visit. If i’m not mistaken your drummer’s name was Bill Pitcock and i apllied a rubber pad to his bass drum pedal. He and i hit it off and was wondering whatever happened to Bill and how the pedal worked for him. Anyway Mr. Dickens thank you for being “Little Jimmy Dickens”. What an honor to have met you and may God bless you and your family. Sorry it took me 40 some years to express my thanks to you. Sincerely, Phil Christman

  52. please help me! when i was a little girl, my grandmother used to make me watch hee haw, to see her high school sweetheart little jimmy dickens, and, he wrote a song about my gram and her sister, i need to know the title of the song, can anyone help? lyrics i remember are: You can bring Pearl she’s a very nice girl but dont bring Lena (my mom thinks he changed Lena’s name to LouLou when he recorded) thanks for any help!! 🙂

  53. My Mom is a huge traditional country music fan and has been looking for the song “Bessy the Heifer” for years. She has written several letters to various organizations to purchase the record without success.
    Any assistance would be appreciated as Mom is 84 and has been looking for many years for this record.
    Thank you.

  54. Hello. My name is Tessa Lundy. My mothers maiden name is Ferguson. Her father is Tex Ferguson, obviously makes him my grandfather. The other day me and my grandmother, you may know her as Ruth or Hazel, were watching the CMA and saw you on it and she told me that you Tex were once close. Just wanted some feedback on your memories of my grandparents. Tex died when i was 2 so i dont really remember mom said he was a wonderful man. Please respond. Thanks 🙂

  55. Hello. My name is Tessa Lundy. My mothers maiden name is Ferguson. Her father is Tex Ferguson, obviously makes him my grandfather. The other day me and my grandmother, you may know her as Ruth or Hazel, were watching the CMA and saw you on it and she told me that you Tex were once close. Just wanted some feedback on your memories of my grandparents. Tex died when i was 2 so i dont really remember mom said he was a wonderful man. Please respond. Thanks 🙂

  56. Hello. My name is Tessa Lundy. My mothers maiden name is Ferguson. Her father is Tex Ferguson, obviously makes him my grandfather. The other day me and my grandmother, you may know her as Ruth or Hazel, were watching the CMA and saw you on it and she told me that you Tex were once close. Just wanted some feedback on your memories of my grandparents. Tex died when i was 2 so i dont really remember mom said he was a wonderful man. Please respond. Thanks 🙂

  57. Howdy to you Mr. Jimmy Dickens Sr.
    Saw you at the Opry you were a hoot and a half !
    I have almost all of the Country Family Reunion videos.
    Got them at The Ernie Tubb Shop on Broadway in Nashville.
    your a wonderful entertainer’Wish you the best ….
    Theres nothing like the legends of Country Music !
    Always Je’Ne West

  58. we live in n.h. and always wanted to go to the grand ole opry we finally went on 10/17/09 we went to the show and to our amazment there was little jimmy dickens he was great we cant stop talking about him and how wonderfull he still is


  60. I have met “Tater” Many times over the years. Beginning in 1949 in Hutchinson KS on a touring G.O.O. show and last time I n Branson MO in the early’90’s. My friend, Bobby Rich was in his band in the ’80s. My parents told me Jimmy used to sing live on WIBW in Topeka KS in the early ’40’s. They said he had to stand on a box to reac the microphone in the studio.

  61. I am also trying to contact Mr. Dickens. I am bringing the national little people conference to Nashville in July and would like to invite him and his wife to our banquet. Please contact me so I can speak to someone in order to do so.
    Thank you so much.

  62. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Little Jimmy to invite him to a function that I’m performing at in Nashville in October. The number I had for him has been disconnected and I wanted to let someone know that he could be expecting the invite in the mail.
    Is there someone who is handling his appointments/engagements? If so, can you provide the contact information?

  63. Hello “my little darling” its me Patricia your backstage hostess at the Marion County Fair in Ocala, Florida…the lady you wouldn’t marry because I had 14 kids LOL. It was lovely visiting with you at Vegas and Fair time and I miss you and your lovely wife!. My husband, Don, passed away last year, I miss him too.Do you remember my festival blazer…the one John Cash started with signatures? You said never to sell it but if I had to sell it to someone in Nashville. Well, I have contemplated it, The NCMHF would love to have it as a donation…and I had Cristie’s appraise it…but I do you have any suggestions as to who might appreciate it best?It now has 71 signatures including several deceased NCMHF members (Conway, John Cash,Thompson,Wagner, June Carter, etc…I like to send you a photo.My e-mail is I would so love to hear from you! Love, Pat xoxox

  64. Hello Jimmy. I am a soon-to-be 69 year old woman who has been listening to you since I was a kid. You had a song out in the early 1950’s called “Dear What About You”. (I think that’s the name of it.) I would love to find the words to it. Can anyone help? By the way, I am “little” like you; 4’9″. I used to sing and I sang the songs “Little But Loud” and “Out Behind The Barn” a lot. Whenever my son was anywhere that I was singing he always asked me to sing “Out Behind The Barn”. Your song “Raggedy Ann” always makes me cry. I guess you could call me a sentimental old fool. In my book you are the most down to earth, friendliest entertainer there is. I love you. God Bless you.
    Joyce in Virginia

  65. Hi Jimmy,
    My name is Ron Butler. I am the son of the late Buz Butler, who was inducted into the Michigan Country Music hall Of Fame in July of 1997 on the same day you received your induction into it. I have been told that he is being considered as an inductee for the Grand Ole Opry. I was wondering if you were aware of any plan for this to take place. I know you are a busy man, and cannot respond to everyone, so I’ll take a cold tater and wait. Thanks for your time, and God Bless.

  66. Hello my name is Brittany & i was born a Dickens!! There isnt many Dickens’ left & i was wondering if there was any way of getting ahold of Little Jimmy Dickens himself? thank you!! i hope to hear back from someone!!!

  67. Did Jimmy do a song called “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” If yes how do we get the lyrics?

  68. Jimmy,
    Back where I grew up in the small community of Dugspur, Virginia, there was a gentleman who lived over the hill from us whose name was Charlie Worrell. I still remember him; he was about your size. I was told years later that he was a cousin of yours and that he came from West Virginia. Was he, indeed, one of your relatives?
    Phyllis Eastridge

  69. Hello Mr. Dickens. I am so glad to hear you back on the Opry. We have all missed you. Glad you are feeling better. You sound like you are back to 100% . Always enjoy listing to you on every performance every week. Been listening to you for over 40 years!! Please keep on trucking.

  70. Hello Mr. Dickens. I am so glad to hear you back on the Opry. We have all missed you. Glad you are feeling better. You sound like you are back to 100% . Always enjoy listing to you on every performance every week. Been listening to you for over 40 years!! Please keep on trucking.

  71. I really need the help of Jimmie or anyone else out there that might know the answer to this question. I am looking for a song that I think is entitled “You’re Pretty as a Queen” or perhaps just “Pretty as a Queen”. I thought it was recorded by Hank Snow or possibly Ernest Tubb but have had absolutely no luck in finding it anywhere. The lyrics are below….if anyone can give me a lead on this I would really appreciate it
    You don’t need lipstick on your lips
    or polish on your fingertips
    Your pretty as a queen
    You don’t need flowers in your hair
    your so pretty and so fair
    I’ll tell the world your pretty as a queen
    When we’re dancing I feel so proud
    to think I’ve got the best girl in the crowd
    And when we’re leaving I hear them say
    they’ve never seen a couple quite so gay
    I like the action in your walk
    to mention nothing of your talk
    You glide along just like a brand new limosine
    Your pretty as a queen
    Tomorrow night we’ve got a date
    I’ll meet you at the garden gate
    I’ll tell the world your pretty as a queen.

  72. Jimmy: Since you tell the funny about those little blue pills making your neck stiff I thought you may want to follow it up by saying ” I don’t need to get a doctor to give me those blue pills all I have to do is buy a can of fix a flat.”

  73. Hello. My father played the steel guitar for Jimmie in the 40’s and I believe the early 50’s. He and Jimmie performed for live radio broadcasts in Saginaw as well. I am trying to develope a time line of my dad’s music history and need to see if Jimmie or anyone can help me out. My dad was Coy Crank from Indianapolis Indiana. He passed away in 1997, and my mother is gone as well, so I have limited resources. I have some photos of the band dated 1947 and 1949, but no other dates regarding when my dad played. I appreciate any info you can give me. Best regards, and thanks Jimmie for giving me many happy memories through my dad’s music.

  74. We were at the Opry October 2008.
    This was the first time that We did not
    see You on the Opry.
    Do You make regular appearances on the Opry
    or are You completely retired?
    Ron DeJarnette in Lynchburg,Va.

  75. I am searching for the musical notes of the song “Saturday night bath” for my grandpaw. He is just learning how to play a guitar-He’s 78! I am so proud of him wanting to learn and Saturday night bath is a song he asked me to find for him. I was able to find the lyrics but can’t find the notes anywhere. If they could be emailed to me for him I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks-Ronnye Hart

  76. your aunt, sallie dickens maples , was my grandmother,my mother, marie, told me about you and told me about some of my grandmothers sisters. i met aunt becky. i really liked her. i wished i had known them all. my grandmother, we called her, bigmoma, she would tell us stories about her life, her sisters. i wished i had gotten to spend all my life with her.


  78. Dear Jimmy,
    Loved the jokes tonight, you were the best host in the show, we are from Germany and dont get the humour so well, did you really get some tablets stuck in your throat? The key is to open the gullet when drinking and so provide a wider conduit for the medicine.
    Hope this helps- we were very concerned, a stiff neck can really be a pain.

  79. I’m associated with a public alternative radio station, WWUH, 91.3 FM (not an NPR affiliate) in Hartford, Ct, where I produce and host a weekly three hour specialty program, Country Classics. I profile classic country music artists from the early days of the Grand Ole Opry and WSN up to the time when country music developed into other forms; mixed genre and such. Yes, I focus on country music that still has those country roots. I record interviews with some of the artists when available. I would like to request an interview with Jimmy Dickens sometime at his convenience. Some of my previous guests were; Lee Greenwood, Ray Price, Lynn Anderson, Bill Anderson, Charlie Daniels, Jack Greene, Charlie Louvin, Jean Shepard. These programs have no hidden agenda, political or otherwise. I try to keep the subject material light, informative and fun. I may be reached M-F at (860) 565-9415 or by e-mail as to his availability.
    Thank You
    Steve Brewer
    Country Classics
    WWUH, 91.3 FM
    West Hartford, Ct

  80. would like to know if Mr. Dickens remembers working in Topeka Kansas. my great Uncle Kieth Naff played with him on the show that was with WREN Radio. If so would like to know what he remembers of him.
    Thank you

  81. Congratulations on you accomplishment in life with the Grand Ole Opry.
    Are you related in any way to the Sylvanus and Maudie Dickens who were my Great Grandparents. My Grandmother was Olive Ruth Dickens and she always said you were from her family. She is 1 of 14 children.
    I have seen you at the Opry several times, but never had the courage to ask this question.
    Please respond if possible.

  82. I’m looking for the words and music to “Bessie, the Heifer”, sung by Little Jimmy Dickens, It was on his album,
    Ain’t it Fun?”
    I would like to purchase either the song alone, or that album, or the words and music.

  83. Number Two.
    To whom this may concern:
    I am wanting to Purchase a CD of Jimmy Dickens.
    The lyrics are something like these:
    If any one could ever say that their true love
    was here to stay we could, we could, you and I.
    When you’re in my arms I know you’re happy
    to be there and just as long as I’m with you
    I’m happy any where.
    If any one could pray each night to thank the Lord
    cause all is right we could, we could, you and I.
    If You can sell me that CD, or direct me to where it
    can be purchased, E-Mail me ASAP!
    Thank You!
    ted johnston

  84. My great-grandfather Edward Gillam married Artie Hicks. Their daughter Elizabeth married Fred Dickens. Elizabeth’s brother Henry is my grandfather. My dad always said that they were the Aunt Liz and Uncle Fred that Jimmy sings about. He said that when his Dad, Henry, married Minnie Crisp, her sister Liz gave her the old feather bed as a wedding gift. As a young boy I slept on that bed in my grandparent’s home in Gillum Holler in Hunnewell,Kentucky.
    Can anyone verify the authenticity of the relationship? I have no information as to the children of Fred and Liz, Fred’s brother would have to be Jimmy’s father. I would really like to know information about the family.

  85. Mr. Dickens,
    In reference to my previous e mail today, my e mail address is: . I would gratefully appreciate it if you would e mail me your mailing address so I can send you that picture to sign. Thank you in advance.
    David Nachenberg

  86. Mr. Dickens,
    I saw you in person at Grand Ole Opry way back in 1987 or 1988 and I took a photo of you on stage with your guitar. I would gratefully appreciate it if I could get it autographed by you. I will send you a self-addressed stamped envelope. As you may have guessed by my e mail address, I am a rap song writer / performer. I have written over 200 original rap song lyrics in English and in Hebrew, and have had one in English recorded professionally. I didn’t receive any remuneration however because it was for charity. My wife was a big country music fan, however I never made it to Nashville with her. That is because she and our daughter went to Sbarro’s Pizza in Jerusalem on Aug. 9, 2001 when the arab (lower case letter on purpose–they don’t deserve more) suicide bomber entered…a nail (as in hammer & nail) from the bomb cut one of her coronary arteries and she has never regained consciousness. Our daughter, who will be 10 on Oct. 9, was/ is OK, thank G-d. My wife’s father also is a fan of country music. I thank you in advance for providing your mailing address, and hope to see you in concert again someday.
    David Nachenberg

  87. Mr Dickens, I am seeking help in trying to locate or find some info. on my lost family ?Father:Kenneth Earl Galloway
    Brother:Bobby Galloway,guitarist and bus driver for you(GRAND OLE OPRY) I,too have learned that Bobby also was with Stonewall Jackson? I too, have been told he sang under name of Bobby Rich?
    Sir, I am 61yrs old and have been seeking someone that might know and reply to this request.Myself and my sister were hidden from my fathers family as infants.and later adopted.It has thus far been impossible to contact and have a reply or any info. I just contacted Suzanne Higgins(WV,she did an article on you:A conversation with Little Jimmy Dickens. Please, if you can direct me to someone,or have someone contact me with any info about my family, I would and will be gratefully indebited to you.
    Thank You,
    H.Howell Medford
    Birthname: Hobert Howell Galloway
    Oh Yes,one more thing,I saw a picture of my mother and father(Ken Galloway) with Pearl Minnie(Minnie Pearl) and her husband in Lawton, Oklahoma around 1948,please respond.
    352 236 0161

  88. dear mr.Dickens, my dad has been collecting country music since he was 19. He had a collection of over 20 thousand albums most signed by the artist. but in 2004 his house burnt to the ground losing everything but the clothes on his back. I have been trying to locate any of the artist that would be so kind maybe to send him a copy of maybe on of there albums and if possible sign it, i am asking this because it would be a great honor if i could get you and some of your friends in the industry to do the same i wish i pictures on my computer to show you of what he lost, he has been trying to get some albums when he sees them but everything he finds, none of them were like his he kept his in great shape no scratches paper still over the cover the artist would sometimes sign the album cover. I am trying to do this for my dad because first of all he is the best dad in the world and second we live with him myself and my husband who is sick and my future daughter in law and granddaughter he has helped us out so much and i could never repay him for what he has done for us, but this would be the best gift i could ever think of and with the holidays comming up this would truly be a wish come true. I hope you can find it in your heart to think about maybe sending him your album, i remeber a story about one of your ablums he had and the song on it was may the bird of paradise fly up your father never would lend his albums out but a friend were my mom worked asked to borrow it and a few others well they brought the albums back but my mom was gone for the day so they left them on her desk, she worked in the insurance business but when she came in the next day this person ask her if she got the albums back and she told him no. well it was stolen, and to make this short my mom got on the phone and called every place she could find in nashville to get that album but this was original and the only thing they had was a copy of something. she finally told my dad which he was very upset about it, not with my mom but just the fact that the album was gone and he said never again will i lend them out again. so thank you for your time and i hope you get the chance to read this and able to help me out my dad has been through alot in the past few years He lost my mom who had been sick many years and he took great care of her at home and then he lost his home along with his collection and then he lost his son. I would love nothing more then to make this the best christmas for him and i cant do this alone. my email address is feel free to email for any information you need or any information you can send me to help me out. again many thanks and we the family of john divel the mccauley family say thank you and god bless you and your family we think your wonderfull.Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  89. Can anyone please help me to get my hands on the album called “Ain’t It Fun” by Little Jimmy Dickens made in 1967? I would be so greatful!! Believe me I have tried everyplace.

  90. I was just going thru my moms old photographs and came across a few photos of little jimmy and her playing guitar together at a local bar here in indiana. And also 2 photographs of little jimmy that is autographed… My mother passed in 1997 and i was wondering if there was any references about little jimmy playing the Indiana bar scene around 1970 to 1974?

    • Researching the family too. Eliza was my husband’s grandmother. Trying to find info on Senna Hicks Dickens. Don’t know who Jess was but would like to know. Thought her husband’s name was Layfayette Watson “Watt” Boggess. Let me know. Thanks.

  91. Hi, I’m trying to find away to get ahold of Little Jimmy Dickens, He was a relative if my Grandmother…Lola Marie Dickens Johnson Lane. She was the daughter of Jess and Senna (Hicks) Dickens. She was rasied in Cabin Creek W.Va. Lola had a sister Eliza Dickens and Brothers, Charles, Ray and Samuel Dickens. I thought maybe he could help in my tracing back some family.

  92. I would like to talk to Little Jimmy Dickens. actually I have emailed him before. What is really exciting is that he’s my 6th cousin.
    Love Austin

  93. I have a guitar that once belonged to Little Jimmy Dickens. It was bought from him by Clete Carrington in Missawa Air Force Base in the mid 60s at a club that my dad managed.Dad bought it for me for my 16th birthday.It is one of my most cherished possesions.


  95. My name is Donna Slade. I am the daughter of James Laurence Slade. He was a song writer he wrote “Take an old cold Potato” When my sister Cindy was a baby..little Jimmy Dickens took her on stage and showed her off and said “Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby?”. My dad who lived in Purvis and Poplarville Mississippi…and one day when we were out with my father..he saw Little Jimmy Dickens’s bus and chased it down. Jimmy Dickens’s got off and asked which one of your kids took on stage. My father replied “This one” pointing to my sister Cindy.Jimmy Dickens replied “She is still a beauty”. I am commenting all this in hopes to ajar a memory.. My father had nine children and we remember the songs he wrote. We have the rough draft of “I saw Momma Kissing Santa” My dad would sell his songs for $10 or $30 dollars. I feel sad that I hear these songs on the radio..and I know who wrote them. For the sake of my passing dad and the truth of his life. I pray God would bestow in your heart to let me know if you remember my father.

  96. There is a 12 year old boy in Mineral Wells, Texas who’s one wish in life is to meet “Little Jimmy Dickens”. This boys name is Taylor and will be having a life threating surgery Jan.16,2007. He has MD and is deteriating very fast. This surgery will be very trying on his little frail body and a chance he may not make it. If there is any
    way I could have some kind of correspondance from Little Jimmy Dickens to this
    young man before he goes thru this ordeal, I feel part of his life dreams would be fulfilled before he
    undergoes this surgery.
    His email address is
    Thank you in advance and hopefully there will be
    a response prior to his surgery date
    Cathy Self


  98. Hi! I am looking for a way to communicate with Little Jimmy Dickens. ‘Would like to ask about a possible booking for him in North Carolina.

  99. i purchased a 1959 cadillac that belonged to little jimmy dickens. it has the pillow in it that he sat on to see to drive, also it has his tag on front of car. i have it for sale i have no room for it, if interested in it contact me.

  100. I saw Little Jimmy Dickens perform in our town in Ne. in 1957 or 58. He was with Hawkshaw Hawkens and Jean Sheppard also Pat Kelly. I enjoyed them all but I am wondering what ever happened to Pat Kelly? He came from back stage and we talked a lot. Where is he now?

  101. My mom adores Little Jimmy and she very much enjoys seeing him fish on tv with Bill Hall. Anyway, my moms been very sick this past year and is in need of something to cheer her up, so i am needing to learn how I can get an autographed pic of Jimmy for my mom. Someone plz help! ty

  102. Jimmy Dickens did 3 of my husbands’ songs on his “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” Album. Skip Graves is his name. Who was a DJ on KWOW in Calif. at the time.(That was before my time with Skip I am Skip’s 2nd wife). Wondered why Jimmy doesn’t sing either of the 3 on the Grand Ole Opry,? as he did a Great Job on the album and Gene Watson did 1 of the 3 on his latest CD.I do enjoy hearing these songs,just asking as we watch the Opry every Saturday night. Thanks for letting me share.

  103. my dad jack taylor says he remembered a little boy as a kid singing little songs for candy on a stump in front of lemays store in alicia arkansas his name was jimmy dickens my dad jimmy and jimmys brother went to school together he wants to know if this is the same little jimmy dickens if he remembers this was probably in the 30’s

  104. I am an entertainer and was stationed in Hawaii in 1962 when Little Jimmy Dickens and Tex Ritter came to do a show for the military at Ft. DeRussey on Waikiki Beach. I will never forget that show and how Little Jimmy kept the crowd roaring with his on stage antics. Tex Ritter was getting older at the time and he would go down in the audience to a table and put his boots up on the table and his big white hat over his eyes and take a nap. Jimmy kept the audience roaring with stories of “that wife of mine”.

  105. i am writing for my grand mother .she is jimmys cousin if there is any way she can contact him , or he to contact her she was from Olo ms.

  106. i am writing for my grand mother .she is jimmys cousin if there is any way she can contact him , or he to contact her she was from Olo ms.

  107. i just purchased a 1959 cadillac from a car museum in helen georgia that use to belong to little jimmy dickens. this is a very nice car and it had several pictures of him with the car.

  108. I am a distant relative of Little Jimmy Dickens and my parents were Howard and Mary Peters of Beckley, WV formerly Naoma, WV. I have always admired Little Jimmy and I would love to meet him sometime. I was brought up in church my entire life and played the piano. I would love the opportunity to play for him sometime.

  109. I am a distant relative of Little Jimmy Dickens and my parents were Howard and Mary Peters of Beckley, WV formerly Naoma, WV. I have always admired Little Jimmy and I would love to meet him sometime. I was brought up in church my entire life and played the piano. I would love the opportunity to play for him sometime.


  111. Hi, I am trying to find a song for my late 80ish aunt. She says she and her sister used to listen to Asher and Little Jimmy sing it. They sang as much as they knew of it to me..They thought it was called Telephone to Heaven. I can find no telephone in heaven but without looking at the words have no idea if it is what they are looking for. Also, I am not really computer literate myself and am not sure I will ever find this again if it is posted some where. THank you for reading this.(if it ever goes anywhere…lol)

  112. Hi, I am trying to find a song for my late 80ish aunt. She says she and her sister used to listen to Asher and Little Jimmy sing it. They sang as much as they knew of it to me..They thought it was called Telephone to Heaven. I can find no telephone in heaven but without looking at the words have no idea if it is what they are looking for. Also, I am not really computer literate myself and am not sure I will ever find this again if it is posted some where. THank you for reading this.(if it ever goes anywhere…lol)

  113. hello, my name is james dickens jr i am from west virginia. i need to talk to little jimmy dickens i am related to him, distant related on the dickens side of my family but on my moms side, my grandma’s maden name was jarrell yes the same jarrells. my grandma told me when she was little she would play with little jimmy dickens oh yea its the jarrells that is from stickney west virginia, i need to talk to him cause i was wanting to get into singing country music and he is the only person i can think of that can help me. thank u james dickens jr
    p.s. email me please

  114. family question: Which event(s) put the big Ephriam and little Ephriam sides of the Dickens family at such great odds? I heard that these family sides have disowned each other.

  115. From what I remember they are:
    Waitress, waitress � purdy little waitress
    get my order right
    I�ll take a a bowl of beans, side of greens,
    And a date with you tonight.
    You�re the prettiest thing I�ve ever seen
    Your bubbling over with a charm
    You should be on the cover of a magazine
    Or better yet in my arms
    Waitress, waitress � purdy little waitress
    Tell me when you�ll be through
    And no matter how late
    I�ll be here a waitin
    Just outside for you
    Or something like that � I�m trying to remember from 25 years ago � listening to it on a 78 my grandmother had.

  116. I believe Little Jimmy Dickens is known for playing with Paul Howard and the Arkansas Cotton Pickers in the mid to late 1940’s. I would like very much to know if Little Jimmy recalls the name of “Sonny Albright”, who played a great sound on his steel guitar. I met Sunny in Waterloo, Iowa in March of 1950 at a barndance, headed by Asher Sizemore of the Grand Ole Opry, and I have never heard anything about Sonny since, and nobody I have been in contact with ever heard of him. Does anyone have any knowledge of this great musician? Sonny told me he had formerly played with Paul Howard and the Arkansas Cotton Pickers, as well as being on standby back-stage of the Grand Ole Opry, for anyone needing a steel guitar player, during the 1940’s. Darlene Milbrandt, Northeast Iowa.

  117. I am seeking the lyrics to “Waitress Waitress”
    a Boudleaux Bryant song which JD performed in his inimitable style

  118. i am a musician, and play and sing country music. I play piano and fiddle. I would like to find for my mother-in-law, the sheet music of Little Jimmy Dickens’s “Out
    Behind The Barn”. I’m trying to find it for her- she also plays the piano and would very much like to find a copy of it. thank you- I like your webb site and will visit it again.

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