Our FamilyFirst site today
May delight you or maybe dismay
Its theme, you discern
Is that poetry spurned
It’s limericks! What can I say?
Yes, today’s FamilyFirst site is called OEDILF: The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form.
The site is home to thirty thousand limericks! That’s a mighty large number, you see.
You type in the word you’re looking for and see it come up in various limericks. Let’s try one purely at random: schistosomiasis.

Ah, here we go:
The blood fluke’s a parasite worm;
If you catch one, you’ll soon feel infirm.
In fact, you can die of this
(Trematode worms make me squirm.)
See how it works?
You can also get limericks at random or browse by topic. By default, a content filter is on. Given the bawdy history of the limerick, remove it at your own risk.
I searched for schnauzer and didn’t find one. So to close this piece, I will humbly submit my own:
The king of canines is the schnauzer
A lovably fun rabble rouser
With a heart that’s as big
As a Texas oil rig
But they pee on the carpet. NO, BOWSER!

1 thought on “OEDILF

  1. Greetings!
    And thanks for the mention on your site, though I need to clarify one major point:
    We are writing our “limerictionary,” a dictionary in which every single definition of every single word will be in the form of a limerick, strictly in alphabetical order. In the slightly more than 28 months we’ve been at it, we’re now only up to words beginning with the letters Ca- which is why “schnauzer” didn’t come up for you. It was a bit of a long shot that “schistosomiasis” did come up (Did you really pick that word at random?) but that was only because it was listed as a secondary Word Defined for a limerick in which the primary was “blood fluke,” a term well within our present area of coverage.
    We do not have any age restrictions on our site but the very large majority of us are adults. We do have some teens and pre-teens who have shown they have the maturity and the linguistic talent to keep up with the rest of us and so they, and others like them, are more than welcome.
    It’s a bizarre project, to say the least, but we’re having a ball with it. Thanks again for the mention.
    Chris J. Strolin
    Editor-in-Chief, The OEDILF

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