North America’s Living Legacy

The continued growth of our country has taken its toll on our natural resources. There needs to be a balance between growth and preservation. Today’s Famsite looks at a place on the net that can help educate visitors on what our remaining resources are, and what we can do to protect them.

The site is called North America’s Living Legacy, and is sponsored by the World Wild Fund. Their new study reveals that North America’s natural treasures are both richer and more endangered than previously believed. Our own backyard contains some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems in the world — virtually all of which are threatened or endangered.

Learn more about North America’s ecoregions and the species and habitats that make them so valuable. Take Action to do something about the dangers that continue to threaten North America’s living legacy. This site is a place for all visitors to reflect on what kind of world we will leave as our legacy.

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