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I was jamming to Dire Straits’ second album, Communique, on the way home from work this afternoon. So, when looking for a FamilyFirst site, I decided to find a good one covering the band.
Then, I decided to throw a twist in: I selected the first TURKISH Dire Straits site!
Now don’t worry, it’s in English. But the site resides on a Turkish server. It’s called Mustafa Obadasi’s Dire Straits Page. And ignoring its geoghraphical twist, it’s a pretty darned good site.
Why did this Turkish gentleman do a site on Dire Straits? I’ll let him explain:

Dire Straits was the beginning for me.. “Ilk goz agrisi” we say in Turkish, “the first eye ache” it means, -the very important first one-..! This isn’t the only reason for Dire Straits’ being so special of course.. They’re doing this thing the way it should be done..! That’s it..!
So what can a Dire Straits fan find here? Well, a nice history of the band, for one. One of their first gigs was opening for punk band Squeeze. They played their first set as the Cafe Racers. A friend of the bass player suggested calling themselves Dire Straits, due to their bad financial condition. They took the new name on for the second set, and never looked back.
You can get lyrics to all of DS’s songs. You can also get guitar tabs. And there’s a complete discography. And there’s a lot more, too.
Wow. A Turkish site about a British Band featured on American FamilyFirst. Ain’t the internet great?
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