We type a’s lead busy lives. Besides working a 40-hour-a-week job (which, I’m happy to say, I LOVE!), I write this column, plus four more, PLUS I run a website hosting/PC consulting business on the side.
So who has time for movies? Well, I actually watch a bunch of movies, to my surprise. But I don’t watch as many as I like.
Sometimes, I just want a movie summed up. It’s quite possible to shrink the plot behind a two (or three or four) hour movie into a couple of sentences.

Today’s FamilyFirst pick does just that. It’s called Movie-a-Minute.
Here’s how it works. The Godfather is widely accepted as one of the greatest movies ever made. The last time I checked at, it was still considered the greatest ever.
Want to hear the four-hour-marathon summed up?

Marlon Brando
Those who cross the family must be punished. (almost dies) (dies)
Al Pacino
I’ll run the family business straight now, after I kill all these people.

Cool, huh?

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