Missing Identity Website

One of the lessons we learn from history is to hopefully not repeat the mistakes that led up to wars and suffering in the past. By not repeating those same errors, hopefully, we, as a civilization, will not repeat the same results. But every so often we need a reminder of what has happened in the past. Today’s Family First Site provides just such a reminder.

But that doesn�t mean we should forget the essence of the past, the nuts and bolts of what happened, and how it happened, and how the effects of it can still be felt today. The Family First Site today is one that has its roots in the days of the Second World War, yet the still has profound meaning today. Called the Missing Identity Website, it is a project of the Meshi Center for Genealogical Research, a non-profit organization located in Kibbutz Mizra in Israel. It is, for lack of a better term, a clearinghouse for information on children and families that disappeared during the holocaust. Persons who survived Holocaust as children are still trying to locate information regarding their past, and perhaps you can help them. Some hope to find surviving relatives who can tell them about their parents and family. Others hope to find out the most basic information about themselves – their own name, their birth date and birthplace, the names of their parents.
The message contained here is a very important one. It may have a different meaning for you than it did for me. So stop by here, and see what it says to you. It contains a very powerful and poingant message.

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