Miserly Moms

By Joel Comm March 16, 2001 No Comments   

Raising children these days, besides being difficult, can be expensive. If you don’t think so, just look at what it takes to get a burger and fries, or go to a movie these days. But cost is one thing that all families face in one form or another. Today’s FamSite is about one mom who decided to stay at home, and how she dealt with the costs.

Called Miserly Moms, this is a site that the author shows how to stretch a dollar so that her children could have a stay at home mom, and yet not sacrifice their lifestyle. There are tips and pointers here that interesting and informative. For example, under the Frugal Links section, some of the titles are “One Income Living in a Two Income World”, and “Living on the Cheap”. There are other areas, such as National Moms Organizations, Resources for Single Moms and the Miserly Moms Discussion List.

This site has a very down home, visiting at the back yard fence approach to it’s content. After visiting this site, you should be able to pinch your pennies so tight you will hear Lincoln squeal. Enjoy your stop.


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