Meet a Family

Whew! Okay, I’m done blowing off steam about the MPAA and the RIAA.
Time to get back into families.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is all about families. Specifically, it’s about families meeting other families. It’s called Meet a Family, and here’s their mission:

The purpose of this website is to enable families to attract other friendly families, by putting their interests, pictures and general information onto our pages for other families to see. In this way they can all decide if it would be fun to meet.
We have been in northwest Arkansas since 1985. I actually grew up in this area. So we haven’t been challenged by being strangers in town for a long time. However, when we lived in Texas and California, I remember that lonely feeling of not knowing anyone in town.
Well, since then, Al Gore invented the internet. :-). And now, you can take advantage of Meet a Family to find someone in a new area that you can hang out with.
How does it work? You list your family for free. You include your family interests, children’s interests, age ranges, and a short message.
If someone is interested in meeting your family, you are contacted by Meet a Family. The family wishing to meet you is charged a nominal fee.
Concerned about privacy? Read their privacy statement. The only contact info given to individuals wishing to meet other families is an email address. Both families must wish to meet before email addresses are provided.
So if you’re new in town, or about to move somewhere else, give them a try!

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