Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat with Janet Zappala

By Marijo Tinlin October 11, 2012 No Comments   

We hear on the news all the time about the new school lunch regulations and how much food kids are throwing away because of these rules. They’re even considering “trash-cams” for some schools to monitor what the kids are pitching at the end of their lunch periods.

Nutrition expert and author Janet Zappala tells Family First Editor in Chief Marijo Tinlin her ideas for helping get our kids to eat better foods while still enjoying their lunches and snacks.

Watch this interview for tips on adding protein to their meals as well as eating a rainbow of foods and how to switch up meals to make them more appealing to our kids’ finicky pallets.

Zappala is the author of My Italian Kitchen, Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter & Healthier and is also a 6-time Emmy winner for her work as an anchor and reporter around the United States.

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