Lil’ Abner

By Joel Comm September 18, 2004 No Comments   

Before there was Saturday Nite Live; before there was All in the Family; way back before there was even a Charlie Brown or Snoopy, there existed the subject of today’s Family First site. He and his friends have been a round for a long time, and from the way it looks, they will be here for a while longer.

The site is called Lil’ Abner, and is the creation of the late Al Capp. The world he created in DogPatch has given our society some great customs, such as Sadie Hawkins Day, and some great comic characters, such as Fearless Fosdick and Pappy Yocum. At this site you can read about the history of the site, as well as the some of the hilarious political satire that made it fun to read. Even though the strip ceased in 1977, it still contains topical humor that brings a chuckle or belly laugh.
So if you are looking some Kickapoo Joy Juice to liven up your weekend, then head on over to DogPatch and join the fun. It will be a worthwhile trip.

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