Likomon’s Pokemon

Well, I have to finally cave in and feature a site about a subject that is the latest craze to hit kids around the country (and maybe the world). But this site is very interesting, since it has a budding young programmer as its Webmaster.

Called Lokimon’s Pokemon, this site is a terrific fan site, one that captures the adventure and fun of the little creatures. At this site there are chat rooms, bulletin boards, downloads, free stuff for members such as images, wall papers, and other cool things. You can send Pokemon email to friends, find out the latest news and FAQ’s, and check out the real-life Pokemon leagues and how to join.

The Pokemon phenomenon is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Enjoy your visit here today, and if you don’t understand, don’t worry. Just ask your kids for help. I did, and I still don’t understand it. (And kids, have patience with your parents when they ask).

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