Light Up Your Brain

Today’s Family First Site is not, as the title may suggest, about electricity, or power supplies, or anything electronic oriented. It is a site that is there simply for fun. So settle back, get in a leisure mode, and have a great time.

The name of the site is Light Up Your Brain. It is the brainchild of Chuck Brown, and is about inspiration, creativity, and the fun of being a kid. At this site you will find stories, games, music, learning and just fun stuff. There is a newsletter for people who love Kids Music: The Free Music and Humor Newsletter. It comes via email every once in a while to let you know about new songs you can download for free from another of their sites or, and occasionally, special offers and information. Make sure you stop by the News page when you visit, as things are always changing, and Chuck puts the latest information there. There are currently 30 games available for online play, some more challenging that others, but all a great way to spend some time.
This site uses the latest Internet technology to make a visit here a pleasant and entertaining experience. It is one that you can share with your children, not matter what their age. Chuck has scored a winner with this site.

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