Leonardo’s Workshop

Ready for some fun. Want to take a trip in time and visit a special person in a special place. If so, then grab your hat and hang on because today’s FamSite will be that kind of trip.

The site is called Leonardo’s Workshop, a visit to a Lifetime of Color with Carmine Chameleon. While visiting Dr. N. Ventor, you and Carmine find, along with the good doctor, that a painting is missing. You travel back in time to find out why someone is causing Leonardo DaVinci to have problems painting. You have a guide book to help your, as well as a bag to collect anything you find on your trip. Arriving in 1505 A.D., you are presented with several challenges that are fun and educational to solve, thanks to the cutting edge Internet technology that is used here.

So if you or someone you know is interested in time travel or art, then this a great site to explore. It is both entertaining and educational. Enjoy your stop here today.


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