Jump the Shark Revisited

Today’s FamilyFirst site has been covered years ago, but it has undergone a dramatic reworking recently. Is it better? That’s up to you to decide.
The site is Jump the Shark. Its premise, in case you haven’t heard of it, is that at some point most TV series go south. They may start out excellently, but eventually, the well of ideas runs dry and the shows jumps the shark.
The moment is named for an episode of Happy Days. Late in its run, with ratings steadily declining, desperate writers envisioned Fonzie jumping over a shark on water skis. He, and the show, literally jumped the shark.

The site had about a dozen shows listed as having never jumped. The shows were voted in by the general public. It took an overwhelming amount of Never Jumped votes to get them there.
Hence comes the format change.
Now, there are DOZENS of shows listed as having never jumped!
I’m not sure what the logic is behind it, either. It is still claimed that an overwhelming majority of NJ votes is required for a show to make the list. But some of these shows have more negative votes than positive!
The old JTS showed me the brilliance of an offering like the Dick Van Dyke show. I watched it as a kid, but now I savor it as an adult. I used to tune in regularly to see if another show had broken through and cracked that elusive NJ club. Now, Gilligan’s Island is on the list!
Judge for yourself. Personally, I miss the old Jump the Shark.

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