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Inspirational films are hard to find. They usually don’t have flashy special effects, wild plot themes, or violence. A couple that come to mind are “Rudy” and “A Beautiful Mind”. Today’s FamSite looks at a film that will take it’s place with those of the past.

The title of the film is Joshua The Movie, and today we visit it’s official site. Based Father Joseph Grizone’s best-selling book by the same title, Joshua is the first release for the new “inspirational films” company Epiphany Films. It stars Tony Goldwyn as Joshua, a Christ-like stranger who transforms a small town through acts of kindness and down-to-earth spirituality. The message here is one of love and kindness, messages that have great meaning in today’s world. This site explores not only the movie, but the meaning behind the movie. There is an excellent guide for small group and classrooom discussions.

Enjoy your visit here today, and enjoy the film. You will visit to both will be remembered for a long time.

6 thoughts on “Joshua The Movie

  1. This movie is warm, loving, and full of Faith. If you have any type of feelings, you wil definitely cry at the message it brings. You have to have a loving heart. Regardless of the religion, understand the message.

  2. I don’t think they went by the scriptures in making this movie. I don’t think that was their intention. The message behind the movie as a whole is being missed. It’s about togetherness. Helping others. Bringing communities together to unity instead of being separate. It’s about loving and caring about others without judging them for their faults.
    I see Josua as being about change. This world has continued changing and I can say I don’t believe it’s always for the better. This movie shows how one person with determination can make a difference.
    Motivational and self help books are among the top selling reading material. All though they don’t quote scripture, you can go to scripture and point out where the basic message in those books is also in the Bible.
    Don’t look at this movie as being the exact, word for word message of the bible, view it as a message behind a message. The power within all of us in working together can make an improvement in this world we live in.

  3. Secret and Ruth,
    You are so blinded with your dislike for Catholicism that you have missed many of the points of the story of Joshua and you are dead wrong regarding the VENERATION (not worship!) of Mary the Mother of God and the use of statues to REMIND us of those holy men and women that have gone before us. Please take some time to look at things in the right light before slinging mud. Prayer in this regard would be much better than posting inflamatory comments.
    Joshua is called to ROME to be cross examined, much like Jesus was by the Pharisees. The Jews in Auburn are the most accepting of him in Auburn, much like the early Christians. Joshua warns against egalitarianism and the administrative institution of religion taking over the pastoral. I would ask that you spend less time being critical of what you do not understand and spend more time pondering the relationships between Joshua and others. To love God and others as He loves us is what we are called to do. Do you really think that our Father likes to see us bickering about how something is is done or if it conforms to thousands of ideals. I do not enjoy seeing my Children bicker. I would rather have them stop bickering to love each other and me. I have to believe that God our Father has the same feelings. Love each other as I have loved you!

  4. The first comment compares the movie “Joshua” with the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. Rightly so, you’d have to be insane to not see how the Character of our LORD has been bent away from Scriptures. The second comment is true; the anti-christ will work miracles, speak of unity, love, brotherhood, and peace.
    I think they are right. We are ripe and ready for him. Sadly, few in the “Church” will be fully awake when he arrives. Things will seem so “positive”, “good”, “nice”, that we’ll forget all about…The WORD of GOD! You know, if the fruit in the garden has not looked and smelled good, it would not have been appealing.
    I’m really disappointed that so many “Christian” artists jump in head first without “examining” the content (according to Scriptures).

  5. Bible Prophecy says that when the Messiah returns HE’ll come to the Mount of Olives. JERUSALEM. Israel. Why imagine a JESUS who would do other than what HIS WORD says HE already plans to do? Amazing how the producers sent HIM to ROME. The pope in the movie is neither the late nor recent pope. The late Pope dedicated his life to “Mary”, a worship forbidden by Scriptures (Jer 7:18, 44:17,18,19&25). The new pope promises to return to orthodox Catholicism. Another hard fact: GOD commanded Moses concerning graven images (let’s not pretend Catholics do not pray to these images…they do). Then GOD becomes Flesh…and makes a graven image. Interesting! To say the least. Another victory for the Vatican. But that no longer takes effort. Like the nation of America in Daniel’s vision in Dan.7:4, (an eagle with heart but no brains), so goes the American believers. So anxious to be looked upon as “nice” and “loving” we sacrifice Truth, integrity of Scriptures, and always willing to compromise in the name of man-produced “peace”. The pope of Rome has constantly preached and encouraged a unity of all religions. JESUS Said HE WAS THE WAY, and that NO ONE (of any religion) can come to The FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM (JESUS). Genesis says the serpent was “subtle”. Such is not needed today for believers to be led away. Just the smell of pleasant fruit that “looks” good, and “smells” good. We’re driven by emotions, our senses, but never Scripture. We compromise as long as there’s “good” in it. We wonder how a world leader can cause people to take a mark one day? Easy! Work miracles, speak about “peace” and brotherhood, and other “good” things. For the anti-christ, he doesn’t have his work cut out for him to be able to deceive. Believers are all ready and waiting for him. He’ll only have to put on a happy face! Then later surprise’em! American believers will not see it coming. They’ll be too busy singing Kumbaya. The Biblical command to “EXAMINE” “TEST” to see if it is of GOD, is called “unloving”. We prefer being “nice”.
    Revelations 17 spoke the Truth…every manner of leaders are in bed with “her”. (“Scarlet”, “purpose” (bishops and cardinals) “pearls” (rosary), and “a golden cup”…hmmm (obvious).

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