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About two years ago I had the opportunity to see the Rolling Stones in concert. It was a great show, really fascinating seeing those legends in person, and hearing all those hits. But their opening act that night was a new artist; one who I felt was destined to make an impact on the music scene. Today’s FamSite looks at this young man, and how his career is taking off.

The site is called Jonny Lang, and is the official website of this 19 year old guitarist/musician. For one so young, and who has only been playing for less than 6 years, he is showing a remarkable talent. He has been compared to B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Here you can read about this young man’s career, his discography, where he will be making personal appearances and concerts, as well as information about his upcoming untitled CD. You can also hear sound bites from his albums, and send him email.

This is a wonderful site, one that presents this up and coming artist in the best possible way. Enjoy this site, and then enjoy his music. Have a nice stop here today.

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  1. KC Crossroads Aug 4th concert review.
    Johnny Lang put on a great show at the Crossroads. Been a fan of his since he first came out, but this was the first oppurtunity to see him live and it was well worth it. If you get the chance, go for it and you will be awe struck on his talent and performance. He totally lives up to the claim of being a prodogy, not just on the god given talent, but of how he uses it.
    Though I don’t quite understand why he was the opening act for George Thorogood. Johnny in my opinion set the bar too high for George to match. But not taking anything away from George, he still can put on a good show, full of energy after all these years. He has to be to keep the crowd at the level that Johnny brought them to.

  2. I saw Johnny live for the first time in Chicago at the Experience Hendrix concert- WOW JONNY YOU SING WITH YOUR HEART and SOUL!!
    I picked up a copy of a dvd-Jonny live at Montreux-1999, the passion was there then as it is today!
    Jonny is one singer who brings such life to the music; to listen to him sing one lives the short balad being sung- he is so enraputured by it all it he really takes the listner to the song!

  3. Well, hope you read this Jonny…
    “But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume? It isn’t easy but I’ll try… If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters, That would soar a thousand feet high, To Sir Jonny with Luv”
    If it wasn’t for Jonny Lang’s music I may have “offed myself”, who knows? Dad was dying of lung cancer; my best friend/sister turned to crack… And me–Pollyanna who partakes in no drinks, drugs nor smokes?
    Jonny, 3 things: 1) THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your music saw me through all the rough spots. 2) As a substitute teacher of students K-12, mother, and participatory member of this planet: I play One Person At A Time for my students to enjoy/ponder: your music has inspired many, many of my students. 3) I’m a closet singer. However, your music has touched me and given me the gift of singing to my students. So you see, my darlin’, YOU HAVE TRULY FULFILLED YOUR PURPOSE HERE, many persons at a time.
    GOD BLESS YOU SWEET CHILD. Your eternal friend,
    Terry Maureen C. from North Vancouver, British Columbia

  4. I went and saw Jonny Lang for the first time June15, 2007 at Harrah’s in Kansas City. I have listened to his music for 12 years now..met a couple of guys in the band in the hallway and wanted to say this to Jonny…Seeing you in person made your music come alive…I will forever treasure that night with you and the band playing your heart out. You are what makes music great. See you in Wyoming at the Blues Festival I’ll be looking for you…

  5. A note to Tom, posted Nov. 3d, 2006. Guess what Tom, Jonny will always be liked. No matter what you say. Just because he wants to do this kind of music doesn’t take away from his talent. His wife has a great voice and there are people out there that are happy that he is going in this direction. I didn’t know who Jonny was until about 4 years ago when my then girlfriend, now wife introduced me to his music. He will be okay dispite what you think is a downfall. Because he is staying true to God and what he knows to be right and just. Sure he may have lost you as a fan, but God always provides, so I’m sure where you will exit, two or three will recieve. Thanks

  6. Jonny, i seriously doubt that you will ever have the chance to read this… But i am a 20 year old living in Ok. I have a strong passion for your older music (cherry red wine, rack em up);however, I was not going through a good time in my life, i was drinking every night, smoking my life away, loving playing and listening to music.. I also found who out who i really and truly was and was saved two years ago, I just wanted to tell you that if you ever read this, that you were a major inspiration to me… i hope that you keep producing that amazing music (with a few screams from that guitar everynow and then lol)

  7. Ive been following Jonny Lang for about 7 years. Been to concerts in Philly, New York, Long Island and Connecticut. His new CD “Turn Around” scares me. He is getting very religious and his music is changing. If he keeps talking about God and how he has found Jesus he will certainly lose fans and will only sell CDs to religious fanatics. Jonny please come back…


  9. I am also trying to get an e-mail address to e-mail Jonny Lang we are not related in anyway, but am a huge fan….any info would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I went to and there was no email address to email him or the fan club. can someone please give me an email address? I am his third cousin and I am trying to get a hold of him. I would really like to see one of his concerts. thanks.

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