John Wayne Tribute

One of the greatest American icons of the 20th Century is without a doubt is John Wayne. He rose from an extra working in movies to become a friend to Presidents and Kings, and along the way became one terrific actor.

Today’s FamSite looks at one of the best fan pages for the Duke ever put together. Called John Wayne Tribute, this is a look at the career of one Marion Morrison. Here you can find out about his movies, his awards, memorable quotes a trivia quiz and some great links. There are some in-depth looks at some of his greatest films such as “The Green Berets”, “North to Alaska” and “El Dorado”. There is a chance to sign a petition for the naming of a ship the U.S.S. John Wayne (it should be a Marine Amphib, no doubt), as well as tributes to Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.

This is a terrific site, not only for movie buffs, but also for anyone who is interested in John Wayne. It is hard to imagine just how much of an impact he has had on our country. Enjoy your stop here.

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