Jimmy Carter Library

We wind up our tours of presidential libraries today by visiting one in the southern part of our nation, in the state of Georgia. It is the Library and Museum of President James Earl Carter, or as he is most fondly remembered, Jimmy.

Located in Atlanta, this is the official repository of the records of the Carter Administration. Here you can view selected oral transcripts, photographs, and other records. There is information on using the library for research, as well as a special section for children where the information is presented at their educational level. There is information on the Carter Center, a non-profit policy institute dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression through collaborative initiatives in the areas of democratization and development, global health, and urban revitalization. The information contained here is well organized, and a pleasure to view.

President Carter’s reputation has increased significantly after his term of office expired. His involvement with Habitat for Humanity, as well as his special undertakings for the US government, have earned him more respect than he had in office. Given the state of the Executive branch of our government today, I wonder if he would consider running again.


8 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Library

  1. I hardly think he was the worst president. And what he’s done outside of office has been substantial. He’s been a very humanitarian leader in our country and in the world. When he was elected he inherited a deep US recession thanks to Nixon and Iran and other factors oustide of his control, as well as a stubborn nation living in the past and overly dependant on a disgusting toxic fuel like oil. You’ve got to give him credit for trying. Maybe he didn’t have a great speech writer, but at least they were his own words. Reagan, Bush and the rest just paid other men to write their speeches, and make idiotic promises they hardly ever kept just to win votes for a for an election.

  2. From sitting with Michael Moore at the Democratic National Convention (and saying there is no one he would rather sit with) to criticizing Zell Miller for a rousing speech at the Repubublican National Convention, Jimmy Carter continues to live in a fantasy world that Americans value his opinion. Is he not satisfied with being the worst president in history? Will he only be content with also being the worst former president?

  3. Well said, Dave! Carter was an absolute failure of a President. Yet the media tends to give him elevated status as though he really accomplished something great during his four years. Well, I guess he did one thing. He paved the way for Reagan to come in and straighten out his mess!

  4. Former President Carter needs to concentrate on his humanitarian efforts, and stay out of politics. He was awful when he was President, and he is awful when he tries to worm his way in the political spotlight today. His humanitarian efforts are noble, and that is a good example of private citizens taking care of the people instead of relying on government subsistence.

  5. I suppose both of you think that massive inflation came with Carter. Remember “WIN” – “Whip Inflation Now”?
    Gerry Ford, baby, Gerry Ford. One of the worst.

  6. Failed former president Jimmy “Malaise” Carter says the appointment of popular Georgia Democrat Zell Miller to the U.S. Senate was a mistake because his fellow ex-governor “betrayed all the basic principles that I thought he and I and others shared.”
    Why does our worst President ever keep shooting off his mouth?????

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