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An understanding of the Bible is important to any Christian who seeks to live by the word of God. But an understanding of the Biblical world can be just as important. If you can put the two together, then your learning will increase in leaps and bounds.

Today’s FamSite is one that I came across the helps one to not only understand the Word of God, but find out the latest archeological finds that increase our awareness of the physical world in which it was written. The site is the Jerusalem Christian Review, and is the online version of the leading Christian newspaper in that city. Here you learn about the “New discoveries of the Bible, Jesus, and the First Church”. In the current issue, there is an in depth story on the possible discovery of the tomb of one of the disciples, as well as one on the return of the Biblical crocodile. The writing is very easily understood, and features full color pictures with the stories.

The physical side of the Bible has always fascinated me, the ability to get a look and feel where our Lord lived and ministered. Now this site gives you a chance to get the same feeling. Have a wonderful stop here.

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