Jack Benny

By Joel Comm October 11, 2001 No Comments   

Yesterday we visited with a website for Fred Allen, one of the most famous radio characters of the Golden Age of Radio. One of his most well known sketches was an on-the-air feud with another famous comedian. That comedian is the subject of today’s FamSite, and one that I am sure you will enjoy.

The comedian I am talking about is Jack Benny. He is one of the most famous comedians of all time, not only on radio, but vaudeville, movies, television and stage. His career continued for over 60 years even if he claimed to never age beyond his 39th year. He has the longest recorded laugh ever in radio of over 2 � minutes for a gag on one of his shows. He was being held up by a robber, who wanted either his “money or his life”. Getting no answer, the robber asked a second time, to which Jack answered, “I’m thinking”.

At this site you can get weekly down loads of his programs, in the mp3 format. It is updated weekly, and is truly a fun experience to listen to. Enjoy your stop here today, as it is the next to last one on our whirlwind tour of the Golden Age of Radio.


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