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Portable music has changed a lot since I was a youngster. I remember getting an AM transistor radio and listening to the World Series at school (that was when they played day games). Cassette tapes made it easy to take whole albums outside and listen to, and CDs, well, that has opened up a whole new world of portable tunes. Now solid state MP3 players are changing how we carry our tunes (and other information) around. My personal choice for an MP3 player is the Apple iPod. I searched many players and many types, but this is the one that I kept coming back to. What I found comforting in the iPod world, was the amount of user-to-user interaction on many websites. Today we look at one that I really feel is one of the best.

The site I am talking about is called iPodLounge. It is a user run site that highlights anything and everything about the iPods. Here you can find the latest user information, technical updates, reviews, accessories, and news. It is well designed, broken up into sections for the various models, such as the iPod mini, and all four generations of players. They currently are covering the newly discovered iPod Photo Diagnostic Mode, as well as other 4G iPod secrets. There are educational areas as well, teaching basic to advanced ways to use the device (such as copying music from the iPod to your computer and vice versa). There is an excellent forums area, where the true user interactions happen. If you have a question, ask it here, and you will most likely have an answer within a day (if not hours).
I find that using my iPod is not difficult. But sites like this one really enhance the enjoyment I get out of using it. Of all the sites I have visited, this one is the one that I kept coming back to. I hope you have the same experience.


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