I stumbled onto today’s FamilyFirst pick while looking for an unusual download: graph paper.
We are installing new wall tile in our hall bathroom, and we thought it would be cool to make a crossword puzzle pattern. So my wife needed graph paper. I thought (correctly) that it would be available as a download.
The site I found,, has all sorts of graph paper for free downloading. It also has lots of cool, funny content that caused me to spend nearly an hour there!
For someone like myself, who does very little casual surfing, that’s quite a statement.

Here’s Incompetech’s mission:

There is incompetence everywhere in the world, but the place I noticed it the most was on the internet (and on the Art Bell shows). There is now, still, a big lump of people who don’t know what they’re doing. I respect these people – as I was one of them. The people who I don’t care for are the people who think they know what they’re doing. Making fun of these people had quickly worn thin – and so I started several web projects. Some were information based, some technology based, and more were uncategorizable. If you learn anything here – learn that people are drawn to content. Useful information will do more to drive people to your site than flash. Take your budget for animations and games and invest it in content. Also, make sure your content is accessible. I am always trying to make incompetech more accessible to everyone. (Try coming here in a text-only browser, and then try going to CBS!) You don’t need to make your site plain – just remember why people are there – information.

And her philosophy runs true. There is no Flash, no animations, no glitz. But what there is is well worth your while to browse.
For example, check out the Movie Critic Next Door. Concise, well-worded reviews of recent releases are what you will find.
Check out the dozens of lotteries she has won, without entering a single one! It’ll make you smile.
Be prepared to spend a lot of time here. And if you need graph paper, feel free to download and print.

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