I-55 Series

I’m writing this column early in the morning. In a half-hour, I’ll be on the road with a buddy who managed to score us two tickets at field level near the visiting dugout at the Cubs series at Busch Stadium!
I know, according to ESPN, the only real baseball rivalry is Yanks vs. Red Sox, but in the midwest, the Cards and Cubs have been the real deal for over a hundred years.

The rivalry heated up considerably when the Birds traded someone by the name of Ernie Broglio to Chicago for a speedy but powerful hitter by the name of Brock, Lou Brock.
Of course, the rest is history.
The Cubs, masters of tough luck, have managed to fall just short of the World Series appearance (and victory) that they crave so deeply.
However, the Cards-Cubs rivalry stays hot despite the records of the combatants. And in fact, my Birds are going to have to rally today to avoid a sweep at the hands of the baby bears.
Today’s FamilyFirst site is the Wikipedia entry on the rivalry. It’s a bit on the short side, but still has lots of links to players that go into more depth.
And of course, being Wikipedia, you can expand the content yourself!
So here’s to the I-55 series. May it go on forever.

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