How to Stop Snoring

My wife and I have something in common. We both snore.
We’ve long grown accustomed to it, and the wakee will roll the waker off their back. Problem solved.
However, snoring can be a big problem. It can develop into sleep apnea, a potentially serious health issue. And if one partner already has a problem with insomnia, being awakened by a snorer can be very frustrating.
So what’s the solution?
Well, today’s FamilyFirst site just might be of help.

It’s called How to Stop Snoring. It presents information about how to make that blasted night music go away permanently.
The suggestions offered here vary from skipping that bedtime glass of warm milk (it tends to close the throat) to undergoing uvulopalatoplasty. Now don’t tell me you’ve never heard of THAT.
You can peruse all the info at the site in about ten minutes, if you’re a fast reader like me.
It’s mostly just good old common sense. I didn’t see any groundbreaking news flashes. But it’s good stuff, and if you follow it, the snoring should decrease.
So if sawing logs is a problem at your house, pop in and see if you might get some help at today’s FamilyFirst site!

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  1. Thank you for this great information. My husband was a terrible snorer and it keep me in another room for months. He tried many of the Snoring Solutions on the market but simple exercises ended up being the real solution that cured his snoring.

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