How Deep Can They Go

Have you ever gone swimming, and while diving to the bottom, have your ears start to tingle or hurt? If so, you were being affected by the pressure of the depth you were at. Different animals can go deeper than others, and with machines, man can go farther than he was ever intended to.

Today we will visit a site called How Deep Can They Go. It is a site that is educational and tells about the various types of marine animals and their survival in the sea. This achieved by looking at a depth chart, and clicking on the animal or machine that one wants to visit. For example, clicking on whale takes the visitor to the whale page, with information on whales, sounds of whales, and many, many links to other whale sites. The most fascinating site to visit was the one on the Titantic. Here one can explore the great ship, look at the research and activities of Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who found the ship after so many years on the bottom. The links on this ship are so numerable that one could spend hours looking at them. There are also links, from the main page, to other submersible ships, and to other forms of marine life.

This site is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute, and is a quality site to visit. It combines the educational elements with the entertainment elements in such a way that it is not boring, but quite exciting.

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