History of Alcatraz

By Joel Comm February 16, 2002 No Comments   

It is one of the most well known places in our country. For years it was the storehouse for the baddest of the bad. It was known by many names, but the one that stuck was “The Rock”. It is the destination of today’s FamSite, a trip back in time.

The site is called AlcatrazHistory.com. It is a website that features the history of one of the most infamous and famous prisons in our country. It has been featured in countless movies, from Dirty Harry to a birdman, and has achieved a status in our culture that transcends all levels of society. Here you can learn about the prison, it’s beginnings, who some of the most famous residents were, and take a virtual tour of the island. You can also see the daily routine the convicts followed, see the rules and regulations that they lived by, and even find out about some of the escape attempts from the island.

This is an interesting site to visit, and learn about the history of our country. While it is no longer used except as a movie set or tourist attraction, it is a fascinating glimpse into our society’s past. Enjoy your stop here today.


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