Heavy Metal Memories

Taking my lunch to school was something that made me feel real grown up. I had a lunch pail just like my dad’s. Although it didn’t look quite like his, it served the same purpose. Mine had a picture of Captain Kangaroo, Bunny Rabbit, and Mr. Moose on it. I wonder what recycling pile it wound up on.

Today’s FamSite looks at the whole culture of surrounding lunch pails. At one time or another, I am sure we have all had one. They reflect not only the popular themes of their day, but also what our society consider important. The site is called Heavy Metal Memories, and is an online site that tells about the history of lunch boxes (called paileontology), resources for finding them, in case you want to find the one you carried as a child, and how you can trade, buy, and sell them. There is a source for buying lunchbox key chains, fascinating facts about them (450 different types were made between 1950 and 1987), and examples of lunch boxes in music and videos.

This is an interesting site that has something for everyone young and old. Enjoy your visit here today, and be sure to share this site with a friend.


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