Gecko Tape

By Joel Comm February 18, 2008 No Comments   

You read about it here first. remember that.
Whilst stumbling from site to site looking for some good FamilyFirst fodder for a Monday morning, I discovered Gecko Tape.
What is Gecko Tape, you might ask? Is it footage of the Geiko Insurance critter?
No, Gecko Tape is a wonderful new invention that behaves like a gecko’s foot.
When it slides, it grabs.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

A new gecko-inspired synthetic adhesive (GSA) does not stick when it is pressed into a surface, but instead sticks when it slides on the surface. A similar directional adhesion effect allows real geckos to run up walls while rapidly attaching and detaching toes. The gecko-inspired adhesive uses hard plastic microfibers. The plastic is not itself sticky, but the millions of microscopic contacts work together to adhere. The number of contacts automatically increases to handle higher loads. A feature of the hard plastic gecko-inspired adhesive is that no residue is left on surfaces as is left by conventional adhesive tapes.

So it sticks to stuff leaving no residue! There are a ton of photos on the site illustrating how it works. See for yourself. Amazing stuff!

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