Funny Name, Fun Games – Great Gift Ideas!

Have you ever heard of a Furt? How about a Quao? They sound slightly “off-color” don’t they?

Rest assured. These funny names are two of the games available from Wiggity Bang Games. The company, founded by surfer Matt Rivaldi, has a history of inventing great games. Two of their original games, Quelf and Flapdoodle were licensed to LA-based game company Imagination back in 2008 and acquired by Spinmaster LTD in February 2012.

Here’s a brief profile of their current offerings:

Furt is meant for ages 13 and up, perfect for the following occasions, according to their website:

“Frozen winter evenings in the Midwest, lazy days poolside, high school detention, prison riots, peace treaty talks, jury duty and any other gathering that could use a good laugh.”

The concept is something you have to see to understand and the game is never the same every time.

Quao (pronounced “Cow”) is “the ultimate dictatorship card game,” according to the description. It illustrates the effect of the death of democracy (which, to me, means it might actually help refute some of the socialism kids are learning in school these days…). It is also means for teen and up because of the nature of the activities players may be asked to perform (nothing inappropriate, just a little more complicated).

The kid-oriented game they sell is called Magic Feather which is for ages 7 and up. In an adventure around a magical neighborhood, players flex their creative muscles telling stories, thinking up creative activities and solving problems.

And finally, their Whizizzle Phonics cards help teach kids reading skills in a fun, flash card-oriented way. There are two deck sets available – levels 1-3 and levels 4-6.

All the Wiggity Bang games help us use our social skills, problem solving abilities and help families enjoy their time together. Please go to for more fun and to purchase these great family games. They’re perfect for holiday family gatherings!

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