So, are you an artist? No? Are you sure?
Well, just check out today’s FamilyFirst site: You just might have to rethink your artistic talents.
The site uses a cool Flash tool to let you quickly create some bonzer art. Here’s what the webmaster has to say about it:
The thought then turned to how to make something simple enough that someone who wasn’t tech or design savvy could make something they’d love in 5-10 minutes, but with enough power under the hood to let people get adventurous too. The result is

And you have control over some pretty powerful stuff here!
Just take a minute to register, then click the Draw link and the Flash program will open up in its own window. You have a nice, professional, easy-to-use drawing tool that will let you get creative without having to think about what you’re doing too much.
Not only that, but you can insert clipart that is found on the site, over 3,000 pieces! And once you register, you can download medium-resolution versions for use on your own personal site.
And feel free to browse the creations of others that are on display. You might get some ideas from the creativity of others.
So put on your beret and smock, set up your virtual easel, and get started creating your masterpiece!

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