Friends of the Hunley

This past weekend we celebrated the memories of the veterans who have given their lives for our country. Their memory will not die in vain. Today’s FamSite is one that also celebrates a group of brave and courageous sailors who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We have visited this site before, but there have been some very fascinating and recent developments. The site is the Friends of the Hunley, a site that tells the story of the recovery and excavation of the CSS Hunley, a submarine that operated during the War Between the States. It had one mission, and was lost with all hands on board. It was recently excavated and is currently undergoing an archeological survey. It is within the past week that all of the crew members have been identified and will given a full military ceremony. This archeological study is answering many questions, but the wealth of information that is being discovered is truly remarkable.

There have been many celebrations over the past years of American servicemen being returned to their families for final closure. It is now possible for these brave men who fought for their own beliefs to be returned to their family. Enjoy your visit here today, and bookmark it and return often. It is a fascinating story.

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