First Book

One of the most exciting times in a child’s life is when they first learn to read printed words. The ability to do that is one that adults take for granted, but to a child that ability opens up worlds of adventure, mystery and enchantment.

Today’s Family First Site is one that is dedicated to helping ensure that all children can enjoy and share in that same magic. Called First Book, they have a single mission: To ensure that no child, however disadvantaged, be denied the opportunity to read a book. They work with existing literacy programs, and sponsors, to identify who really needs the help, and then provides it. At this site you can find out how the program works, how to get involved with it, and see the results of the program.

Some of my happiest childhood memories were about books that I read, and how those books shaped my life today. It is a gift that every child should have the opportunity to receive.

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