findacomputerguy.gifQuick, I need a computer guy. Where can I find one?
That dilemma hits millions of folks who have computers, but who don’t own a pocket protector or propeller beanie.
So what do you do? You go to today’s FamilyFirst site:!
What we have here is a nationwide organization that consists of local computer experts who will come to your home and solve your computer issues (are you ready for this?) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! That means when the tech walks away from your computer, you’ll like it, or you don’t pay!

That’s an amazing guarantee, but these folks stand behind it.
So what do you get for your money? Well, here’s a flat-rate deal that is pretty amazing:
# Removal of Spyware and viruses;
# Repair damaged or corrupted operating system;
# Ensure your operating system is fully-functional and performing properly;
# Installation of all patches and critical updates; and
# Removal of unnecessary/unwanted icons and applications.
All that for a flat fee of $149.00! And if you have a wireless router, they’ll secure it at no extra charge!
I’ve walked into severely infected systems and spent nearly all day cleaning them up. Man, I couldn’t do that for $149.00!
Other flat-rate services include setting up a wireless network for $99.99. That includes sharing a broadband connection, printer, and folders. What a deal!
So when you are having issues with your computer, or when you want to set up a network, give these guys a try. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed!