Final Four

Today starts the annual ritual of deciding who is the best college basketball team in the United States. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts today, and it is one of the premier sporting events of the year. From 65 teams to the Sweet 16 to the Final Four, today’s FamSite looks at all the action that will be happening.

This site is the official site of the NCAA Basketball Championships. Here you can see all of the pairings in from the four regions and print them out if you want. You can look at each team in depth, follow the tournament online, and explore the history of the event with sights and sounds from some of the most amazing games played. But it is more than just men’s basketball that is covered here. The Women’s Tournament is covered as well. And, of course, what site wouldn’t be complete without a place to get official tournament sportswear.

This is an interesting site that shows how the Internet is becoming mainstream in our lives. I find this tournament to be the most exciting of any sports I view, both college and pro. Enjoy your stop here today, and don’t forget to root for your favorite team.

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