Family Fun Games for Brainy Holiday Gatherings

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If you are a fan of Lumosity games, you are going to love the five family-friendly games from Wisconsin-based Maranda Enterprises including Dotzee, Settrio, Quanzy, Nounsense and Speedy Recall.

All of these games use the power of your brain including recall skills, quick thinking and pattern recognition. Here is a brief breakdown of these games:

Dotzee – dice game where players look for patterns in their dice a la poker hands. The game is always changing so you have to be fast to get the answers.

Settrio – similar to dominoes but using hexagonal chips with various colors and shapes. No two chips are the same but players match on what’s the same – color, shape or pattern.

Quanzy – hexagonal chips are matched by color, shape and pattern to get four in a row.

Nounsense – a word game like password for speed. Players have 1 minute to name as many of the things described (but not named) on the one of the 480 cards.

Speedy Recall – players race to name places, objects and people from a pile of category cards but they must start with the letter from the letter pile. There are no wrong answers but you must be the first!

These games are available for purchase on the Maranda website.  Most are meant for 2-6 players and take less than 30 minutes to play.

For more challenging games, check out their wooden strategy games including Abacan, Eternas, Hexover, Pathagon, Quadefy, and Trappex. They also have a collection of “active” games too for when the family needs to burn off a little steam after that big holiday meal.

Maranda Enterprises has a lot to offer so please check them out at for more information.


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