Family-Friendly Yippy Chosen #1 Search Engine

By Marijo Tinlin June 15, 2010 No Comments, a family-friendly search engine and portal, formerly called Clusty, has been chosen by as the #1 search engine of 2010. It’s super easy for beginners (like kids) to use, has bright graphics and excellent filtering capabilities to keep kids safe.

“Yippy is unabashedly focused on providing a worry-free family Web experience based on a combination of parental proxy controls for approved content, trusted content partners and strict enforcement of a government-registered restriction list. The user gets free access to basic Yippy content and 5GB of storage,” according to analyst Alex Winogradoff, in a recent Gartner report on “cool companies.”
Winogradoff also says, “While it vastly simplifies the Web surfing experience of the average consumer, its user interface is also built to be usable by pre-teen children.”
“We have created the most aggressive browser and search engine with respect to content filtering,” says Richard Granville, CEO, Yippy, Inc. based in Fort Myers, in a recent release. “By working together with Pittsburgh-based Vivisimo, Inc. (www., we are offering the most viable option for parents by ensuring suitable content delivery.
I believe that freedom of speech and the pursuit of profitable business initiatives are very important, but I do not think they should trump responsibility and accountability to one’s fellow man. The Yippy and Clusty crew are working hard to make family-friendly web search a reality.”
Yippy also offers television, games, news, movies, social networking, streaming radio, shopping and eventually office applications, according to Winogradoff.
Check it out – when you type in a search term, it not only gives you the normal results, then on the left side of the screen, it gives you categorized options. The icons are interesting to look at and offer lots of options you don’t see in other engines’ buttons such as armed forces news, their own streaming radio stations and a local gas prices button. It’s worth a look – you might just have a new search engine afterwards. Please comment below if you use Yippy and what you think.

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