Environment News Service

By Joel Comm October 7, 1999 No Comments   

One of the most serious problems that our civilization faces these days is the environment. What we are doing to it, how we are preserving it, and most importantly how are we teaching our children what to do about it. Today’s FamSite looks at a site that keeps the news and events of our changing world in focus, and in front of us for all to read.

Called the Environment News Service, it is a site that publicizes news, events and research that impact not only the United States, but other spots in the world as well. Current stories include ones covering the US and Russia opening up an environmental/nuclear hot line, hospitals choked with smog victims, timber sales in forests, and fuel efficiency standards in automobiles. There are also archives of past articles, as well as links to environmentally safe business, travel and shopping site.

So visit this site, and become aware of what is going on in the world around us. It may surprise you.


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