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One of the most amazing aspects of the Internet is that amount of information it contains. But finding out what you want to know can take some practice, and a good search engine. Today’s FamSite looks at one that I use with great regularity, and have had excellent results with it.

The site is called DogPile, and before you think our column is going to the dogs, let me explain. This online site is one that is very easy to use. All you do it type in the phrase or words of what you are hunting for, and tell it to fetch. It will then scour the World Wide Web using several search engines. You will almost always get back a relevant result, if not several. There are other services here as well, such as web directories, search tools, and a section for favorite searches, listed by category. You can even make DogPile your default search engine from your web browser.

You may have a favorite search engine or site that works for you. I only share this site as it has given me wonderful results in a very timely manner. So stop on by and take it for a test drive. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.

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