Documenting America

As we approach the end of this year (and the true end of the Millennium), looking back at our past is a wise thing to do. Seeing how far we have come as a nation, a country, and as a civilization can show us how far we really have to go. Today’s FamSite looks at a site that shows a time in our country when the future was really in doubt.

Called Documenting America, this site is an online historical photographic collection of life in our country between World War I and World War II. Here you can see the full effects of the Great Depression had on our parents and grandparents. You can search not only pictures but also documents in one of three ways; by topic, by creator, and by geographic region. Both black and white as well as color photographs is available. Subjects range from the Vermont State Fair in 1941, to model airplanes in Texas, to a Boy Scout in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

This site has literally thousands of pictures and documents to sift through. You can also download them for offline viewing. Enjoy your stop here today, and be sure to share this site with a friend.

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