Dad’s BEST Tip for Bonding With Baby According to Baby Expert Dr. Sears



Renowned pediatrician, author and father Dr. Williams Sears is here to talk to us about how parents can start that bond before the baby is even born and maintain that connection with their daily interactions with their baby.
With over the 40 books, 8 children and a new grandbaby, Dr. Sears is talking about bonding now as such an important part of modern parenting.
Here are his three tips for bonding with your child, some are for even before that baby is born:
• Talk to your pre-born baby while he or she is still in the womb. Your baby can hear you.
• Feel your baby – those little kicks and such
• Bond during diaper changes
Reserve novelty like special songs, facial gestures or using your fingers to walk up and down baby’s legs. The baby learns to associate fun with the diaper change and that lowers everyone’s stress levels. Also, don’t forget skin care. Dr. Sears recommends Huggies diapers and baby wipes for their gentle formulation.
Other opportunities for bonding that parents may not have heard of yet include bonding during feeding times, mutual smiling and here’s his super secret tip to make daddy into a super hero with mom:
Neck Nestle – daddy holds the baby close to his neck and speaks in his low voice something like “Go to Sleep” or singing. This lower voice is very soothing to baby because it actually makes the little one’s skull and upper body vibrate with that low tone. This soothes the child to sleep and scores points for Dad with a happy mommy!
Another tips Dr. Sears offers is infant massage, especially during what he calls “Happy Hour” or what I used to call “The Witching Hour” right around 4 or 5 pm when baby is fussiest. Using infant massage or therapeutic touches can help the baby associate this difficult time of day with something relaxing and fun instead of a tense mom or dad.

So what about siblings? Is there anything that needs to be addressed for keeping the bond with the older siblings as you have a new baby
Finally, how can older siblings get involved with baby but still feel like an important part of the family?
Dr. Sears says to make the sibling part of things like – help get the band-aid for baby or hold the diaper while I get baby undressed or hold your brother’s or sister’s hand while I give baby this new outfit. Anything to involve the older kids will help them create that bond and keep that important bond they have formed with their parents too.



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