CyberStory Every once in awhile, a site comes along that is in so positive and uplifting, it is difficult to describe it. Today’s site is one of those. It is called CyberStory, a stop on the Internet that is devoted to the positive side of life, and does it through the written word.

Rather than use my description of the site, I will let them speak for themselves, through their mission statement:

“Our mission is simple: to promote and share uplifting, feel-good stories that will….

Bring a smile to your face.

Inspire you.

Help you out of a difficulty.

Offer you a new perspective.

Get you thinking about how you can make a difference in someone’s life!”

The stories range from “Good Samaritan” stories to “Surprise” stories to “I Needed That” stories. They are positive and well written, and inspiring to read. They would be excellent to share with friends and co-workers.

So enjoy this site, a restful and peaceful stop in cyberspace.

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