Connect With Kids

It is tough being a kid in this day and age. It is tough being a parent in this day and age. It is tough raising a kid in today’s society. Everywhere you turn you are either doing the right thing or the wrong thing, everyone has an opinion about what you should do, and no one is willing to really offer any help. Today’s Family First Site has some far reaching information on a wide range of topics that can help kids, parents, and educators through the tough years of growing up.

The name of the site is Connect With Kids, and is a website that utilizes the latest in Internet technology to help families face the turbulent times together. The site is divided into several sections, covering such diverse areas as peers, health, social issues, and sports. Currently there are articles on overage students due to the “No Chld Left Behind” legislation, and student atheletes overheating with the start of school sports. The information here is current, and is presented in a non-judgmental, non-threatening way.
This site is a great example of the way the Internet helps by spreading information and providing services. It is truly becoming the way of the future.

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