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By Joel Comm August 2, 2007 No Comments   

I hope today’s FamilyFirst column fins you sitting safely behind a firewall of some sort.
Service Pack 2 for XP turned on Windows Firewall by default. And it’s certainly better than nothing. But feature-wise, it leaves a lot to be desired.
A router firewall is a much better idea. Your computer is given a non-public IP address, so hackers can’t find your machine by scanning addresses. Instead, they find the address of your firewalled router.

But, particularly if you’re running Windows, I would still recommend that you run a software firewall on your machine. After all, Windows has holes that can be penetrated even though your IP address can’t be seen.
A new kid on the firewall block who has been getting rave reviews is Comodo. They offer a free, full-featured firewall for home users running Windows 2000 and XP. A Vista version is right around the corner.
Here’s how they sum up their product:

Comodo Firewall Pro is one of the smartest firewalls you can ever see. While providing answers to firewall questions, users usually do not understand the complex questions which involve complicated connection details like IP addresses, Ports, Application paths etc. Comodo Firewall Pro helps you to understand what is going on by analyzing each alert and providing you an intuitive, easily understandable Security Considerations section with each question it asks.

So you folks out there still running Windows, try Comodo’s free firewall and help secure your computer.

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