Common Place

In a very short period of time, school will be back in full swing, students will busily cracking the books and writing papers, and figuring out math problems. (At least we hope they will be). Today’s Family First site can help with the boring task of history research and getting ready for that big test.
Called Common-Place, this site is an online magazine of life in early America. This site consists of eye-opening articles that are presented in a way that is entertaining, educational and informative. For example, there is an interesting piece on whether early Americans owned their guns. There are online tours, such as the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, as well as reviews of books on history, both fictional and non-fictional. The site tries to be more informal that a scholarly journal, but a little more informative that a traditional mainstream magazine. There is quite a bit of material here for both the young student and the older adults who are interested in finding out about the past.
This is a wonderful site to spend some time at. It has a lot of good reading material, but is easily understood. Have a wonderful stop and pass it on to a friend..

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