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By Joel Comm October 22, 2007 15 Comments   

First of all, it’s pronounced “pa hase.” Circus Pages is a traveling show that originated in Cuba in the 1960’s, and now is based in Florida and they tour the US.
They are a smart act in many ways. They have a good financial plan, and will play small venues. I took my kids to see them twice in modest-sized rented buildings, and they put on terrific shows.
They also are very inexpensive. An adult pays 12 bucks to get in, and that entitles him or her to bring two kids under twelve in free!

Of course, you need to purchase some popcorn and cotton candy to help them make ends meet. And I have a picture of my kids holding a big python that cost me ten bucks or so. But hey, everybody’s entitled to turn a profit.
Circus Pages has a fine reputation of treating their animals like valued employees, rather than property. Some fly-by-night circuses have caused the entire industry to draw the ire of animal-rights-groups. Rest assured, Circus Pages does NOT mistreat their animals.
If you live in a town of 10,000 or more population, Circus Pages may well be visiting you. If so, I recommend you take your kids or grandkids and treat them to a show they’ll never forget.

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15 Comments to “Circus Pages”
  1. Jamie says:
    For the record, an animals skin is so sensitive it can feel a fly land on its back. So yes being whipped with a wooden broomstick hurts and is scary. Why else do you think they use it? They have to scare these wild animals into submission.
  2. Trix says:
    the fact that this circus HAS animals is proof of abuse and mistreatment! these are wild animals. no wild animal comes along to the circus willingly! they don't do the things they do in the circus in the wild!!! it is abuse!!! they were taken from their natural habitats cruelly and by force. they are mistreated and abused to break them and so they 'learn' who is in control. they are abused every time they are loaded into tiny cages and hauled around the country. they are abused every time they are made to repeat these unnatural acts for crowds of idiots too stupid to realize they are witnesses to and supporters of animal cruelty!
    • Michael D Gulczynski says:
      Trix your a idiot , I believe that says it all . I have gone to the Circus Pages show for the last 5 years no sign of animal abuse so shut your pie hole
  3. Caitlin says:
    I say that all circuses with animals should be banned in every state.
    • Michael D Gulczynski says:
      I say idiots should be banned but still your hear. When have you been to this show ? Where is your proof ?
  4. Kevin says:
    I just saw the show. Amazing for its size and authenticity. Really entertaining and worth the admission. As for the animal Nazi's, drop dead. THEY should be returned to the wild. As someone who has much survival training, and lived off the land, these animals ARE treated royally. They never have to risk their lives for food. Water is always plentiful and much cleaner, and at least they have access to medical care where otherwise they would not. Take that and apply it to the crazy PETA folks. I'll bet not one has had to fight to eat in it's life and has no clue what hunger feels like. Emergency room for the sniffles too, I bet. yeah, there's animal cruelty in the world, but lets apply a little reason to it instead of looking down the nose at any animal in captivity. These animals work for their food, just like you or I do, and the work they do for it in a circus is one hell of alot easier than it would be in the wild, and they get medical insurance! Lady who saw camels standing in the sun, get a grip! Camels, like horses, do not like to lay down, and do so very rarely or when trained to. How horrible for them to make these poor camels do what they would prefer to do. As for the broomstick, is it possible that you exaggerate and flourish for effect? I think with the whole "of course" stopped thing that you already had your mind made up that this was abuse without looking at the whole picture. Possibly abuse? I'll give you that. Proof? no. A broomstick, made of wood is NOT going to hurt an elephant much. Have you seen those long white things hanging out of their mouths? They are tusks. They PLAY with those things, tossing them into each other with way more force than anyone who wears a feathered haircut can muster. Here's another eye opener, elephants are HUGE. What would hurt you, may not hurt them. Reality people. So Circus Pages, good job, and keep up the good work. Animal Nazi's, thank you for keeping your eyes open, but try to keep your mouths shut unless it's for real. Quit crying wolf.
    • KB says:
      You have got to be kidding me. I just came across this ridiculous piece of garbage you wrote. Please do your homework. I am with no organization or affiliation other than that of common sense...that which you lack. No, Mr. Meece, a broken metal bolt probably won't hurt a 10,000 lb. animal, but a bolt of electricity or a blow torch will. If you dug a little deeper, you would find the reality behind these vugar spectacles called "entertainment". You are a testament to the "sucker born every minute" quote for believing that hideous and inhumane acts against animals DO NOT happen. If these are the kinds of regular occurances that occur in your home Mr. Meece,... I'll pray long and hard for you.
  5. Chris Meece says:
    Don't you just love these PETA people? I researched these USDA 'citations,' here they are: 1)December 3, 2002: The USDA cited Circus Pages for failure to have an adequate perimeter fence around dangerous animals. (Maybe not the smartest thing, but you can't say it was cruelty to animals) 2) January 9, 2002 Four elephant handlers had not been tested for tuberculosis. (Once again ... how is this cruel to the animals?) 3) February 11, 1999: The USDA cited Circus Pages for animal transport enclosures that were in need of repair. The inspector stated, "On the inside of the elephants’ transport trailer, the left side of the wall has broken metal and two protruding bolts that must be corrected because they could cause injury to the elephants." (A bolt is going to hurt a 10,000 pound animal? We had all kinds of loose bolts and metal in the school buses I road growing up) 4)January 5, 1999: The USDA cited Circus Pages for failing to provide adequate veterinary care for the animals. Simba, an exotic cat, had a bleeding lesion on her chin (A lion had a scratch on her chin? Oh my!!) 5)June 11, 1998: The USDA cited Circus Pages for failure to have records of acquisition and disposition of its animals. )How can they be soooo cruel to these animals!?!?!?!?) I could go on .. but what's the use? Yes there are citations, but they are no more shocking than the risks in our own homes. I would wager that many of us, had we been inspected as thoroughly as these circuses are would have a mountain of citations. Look at the dates on these citations. The newest ones are from over 8 years ago. You are bringing up old news that isn't even news at all. Just as PT Barnum didn't say ... "a sucker is born every minute."
  6. ■sherylin says:
    Yeah! (Thanks Kat!) Shannon: Did I say I was with Peta? NO. Did I say I supported them? No AGAIN. Did I even mention their name? Nope! I said I was AT the circus. Try to pay attention!
  7. kat says:
    you can say what you want to defend them...the citations are on record with the USDA
  8. shannon fleming says:
    PETA (posting empty truths anywhere). Yes animal cruelty cruelty does exist. But so does human cruelty. If it were not for the exibition of the exotic. Most would never expierence what the world has to enjoy. I personnaly have expierenced the visits by the vets. and know that these animals are treated better than some of you even treat your peer's. No elephants on this show are chained by the neck to detain or control them. The ankle's are generally the only part of the elephant that are used to secure them. This is a safety measure not only for the people but also the animals. The Pages circus did not take these two out of the wild. The winter quarter's for these animals are imaculate and offer both protection and solitude. And most importantly you need to stop lying. The transfer cage's do alow the lion's and tiger's to stand naturally on all 4s not upright like a human. Stop LYING and find something more useful to do. For example, Go to Arkansas and adopt a child that has been abandonded by thier parent's. Go to your local shelter and feed or spend time visiting with the homeless and helpless. And i don't mean the animal shelter neither. Go after Monsanto for genetically changeing our crops. You will never stop the exibition of animals. Wait i know what you can do. How about those animal lover's that are soulfully sick, and have intiment relations with their animals or do you like that kind of sick shit? Enopugh said
  9. sherylin says:
    The above two posts are correct, and not only has the USDA seen it, but I have too. I was unfortunate enough to be 'backstage' where most of the animals were kept in trailers behind the scenes. I turned the corner at an inopportune time, and saw one of the lead men, a tall guy with black feathered hair, hitting an elephant with a broom handle. He kept drawing the broom back over his own head, and coming down HARD on the elephant's head. The elephant was trying to duck away and making these awful noises. I'll never forget it. As soon as he saw me, of course he stopped and disappeared. I never saw him again, as I left without even seeing the show or requesting a refund. I should have. I should have demanded my money back and told them why, but I'm sure they would have come up with some 'excuse.' Leaving, I saw something else horrific. They had two camels chained to a semi trailer, with no chance of shade. The camels stood, and the chains went from their heads to the trailer, with absolutely NO way for them to lay down. The chain was too short to permit them to move more than a few inches, and all they could do was stand. I stood and watched them for a little while. They just seemed so uncomfortable. I left, and the image of them stayed in my head. I returned aobut 25 minutes later and there they were, in the exact same position. Who KNOWS how long they'd been there already or how long they stayed like that that day. It was about 88 degrees and hot as heck. Sure camels are used to the heat, but it was humid as all get out, and EVERYONE likes to be able to sit DOWN if they need to. Those poor camels.... that poor elephant. I will never go to the circus again.
  10. Elizabeth says:
    Jasmine is right. Circus Pages has come into my town several times and their poor animals are left standing on hot asphalt in a parking lot for hours with no shelter! It makes me sick everytime they show up with those poor animals. Exotic animals are not meant for being transported all over the place in hot cramped trailers. everytime you spend money on this circus you are supporting the misery of these animals. Go to for a list of all teh USDA violations this circus has had. Don't support cruelty!
  11. Jasmine says:
    you are incorrect on the way circus pages treats their animals. The USDA has cited Circus Pages 16 times for animal cruelty, including citations for cruel enclosures, inadequate vet care, failure to provide shelter, cages in such need of repair that they caused a danger to the animals, cages so small that the animals couldn't even stand up, a chain on an elephants neck that was so tight it couldn't stand up.... the list goes on and on. This circus is just as cruel to their animals as all of the rest!!!!
  12. Beverly Hill says:
    I was so surprised at how intertaining the show was. Great job! Each and every member did a great job!

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