Christmas Lights Display at Domino’s Farm

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I, for one, have just finished a time-honored tradition of installing the outdoor lights. Our neighborhood is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Today’s FamSite is one that brings the feeling of Christmas to mind, and leaves those of us who put up outdoor lights a little envious.

Called Christmas Lights Display at Domino’s Farms, it is the largest display of outdoor lighting in southeast Michigan, and is sponsored by a non-profit organization, the Spirit of Christmas. Here you can visit their display online, and take cyber tours of the displays. There is a chance to participate in the program, as well as some other online tidbits that you can explore and find out about.

This is an interesting site, one that truly promotes the spirit of the season. Enjoy your visit here.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Display at Domino’s Farm

  1. Do you still have the Christmas Light Display at Domino’s Farms. If so can you tell me how to get there from Milford, Michigan and how much it costs, the hours ect.
    thanks so much

  2. Do you still have the drive through Christmas lights tour in Southeast Mi.? If you do could I get a map or address of where it is. Also what is the price to drive through?
    I took my daughter there about 13 years ago. I believe it was near Ann Arbor, Mi.
    Thank you for your time, and I hope you still have the tour.

  3. Hello,
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    Hope to read from you,

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