Child Fun Family Website

It is summer, and even though school has been out for over a month, it is still over a month (in most cases) until it starts again. So if you are looking for something for your young ones to do then today’s FamSite may have something for you.

It is called ChildFun, and is a site that is dedicated to parents, children, childcare and daycare providers, preschool teachers and early childhood educators. It is an invaluable resource for ideas, games, activities, nutrition, and parenting information. For example, there is an article for making popsicles for only pennies a day (instead of paying that ice cream truck that always seems to stop by), or a recipe for making edible play dough. There is such a variety of information available here it is hard to list them all in just a few lines. Suffice to say, this is a site that any parent, teacher, or day care provider needs to bookmark.

So stop by in your spare time, and see what this site has to offer. It will be time well spent, I can assure you.

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