Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse

Occasionally, I feel compelled to make a public show of my support for an organization that is doing a bangup job of trying to improve things. Such is the case with today’s FamilyFirst pick.
The site is dedicated to stopping the abuse of a downtrodden, overlooked, unappreciated, yet essential part of our existence: the shopping cart.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is the Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse. Here’s their mission:

The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse is an organization dedicated to preventing the pervasiveness of Shopping Cart abuse. We work on the local, the national, the international level and beyond to fight abusers who are trying to undermine fundamental pillars of society. Our site is here to help you understand this unspoken threat, to offer counsel to those who cause harm to the Cart and to sing the praises of the silver chariot of the parking lot.
Verily, the Top Ten shopping cart abusers have been identified here. View the rogue’s gallery and learn about demented individuals like the guy who beats them with a vacuum cleaner, the dude who grabs na├»ve young women’s groceries and ends up tossing the cart off of a bridge, and the scoundrel who makes of with ten carts at once, to perform who knows what dastardly deeds with them.
If, loathe the thought, YOU are a shopping cart abuser, take courage! You can overcome the slovenly habit and REPENT! Just follow the twelve steps outlined at the Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse.

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