Cell Phone Use by Drivers Impairs as Much as Driving Drunk

Everybody does it. Some do it practically every time they get behind the wheel. Others grudgingly do it when they absolutely have to. But I don’t know of anyone who makes it impossible for themselves to do it.
I’m talking about talking on the cell phone while driving.
I hate it. But I’m not going to wish fire and brimstone on those who do it, because once in a blue moon, I have to take a call while driving. If it’s a quick call, I’ll keep driving. If it’s a lengthy one, I’ll pull over.
But let’s all agree that talking on the phone while driving is a lousy, lousy idea.

Today’s FamilyFirst site confirms it. It’s a newspaper report on a study by the University of Utah that concludes that talking on a cell phone while driving impairs the driver approximately as much as if they were drunk.
What’s the answer? Legislation? I’d rather not. I decided when I began driving that I would always buckle myself in. That was way back in 1976. Now, I get a ticket if I DON’T buckle up. I find that annoying. A law against using cell phones while driving would be nearly impossible to enforce.
What we need is common sense. That call you’re on to your friend describing what you bought on sale, could it possibly wait until you have stopped your car? You just broke 80 playing golf. Do you really need to call your brother on the ride home to tell him about it? Or could you call him before you take off?
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2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Use by Drivers Impairs as Much as Driving Drunk

  1. Not everybody does it. I don’t, my kids don’t. If the phone rings and we are driving we don’t answer. If we need to make a call using our cell phone-we make it when we have parked the car somewhere. There is nothing so important about a phone call that it can’t wait.

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