Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court Talks about Her Family Traditions at the Holidays

By Marijo Tinlin November 22, 2010 1 Comment   

In our continuing series of profiles of well-known celebrities and their holiday traditions, we hear from Judge Lynn Toler from TV’s DIVORCE COURT, a nationally syndicated program.

Judge Toler brings tenacity and compassion to her courtroom, often serving unusual or nontraditional judgments that are legally binding. She is the author of two books, including “My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius” published in 2006.

Toler attended Harvard University and The University of Pennsylvania Law School. She has been married to Eric Mumford since 1989 and has two sons and four stepsons.

You’ll hear her talk about her life growing up in Ohio and her current holidays spent in sunny Phoenix. Please advance past the first minute of the recording to hear the start of the interview.

Lynn Toler Holiday Traditions

Photo courtesy of Twentieth Television

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One Comments to “Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court Talks about Her Family Traditions at the Holidays”
  1. TinaMarie Cupo,CSR(Court Reporter says:
    Good afternoon, Judge Toler, I am married to a gentleman who is an independent contractor, (works about 3 days per week) helps with everything around the house and with my daughter.I have ULTIMATE frustration with the $$ issue. He is kind, helpful, can be loving, but I still have MY BIG DREAMS! Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth and don't know it? Everyone says he is the finest! PLEASE,I value your input!

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